Advanta 42 Inch Landing Net & 6ft 2 Piece Handle

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Model: AD1280
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Key Features

  • Matt black carbon landing net handle
  • Compact landing net spreader block
  • Deep green fishing net hex mesh
  • Carry bag included
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Advanta 42 Inch Landing Net & 6ft 2 Piece Handle


The Advanta 42 Inch Landing Net & 6ft 2 Piece Handle has been designed with dual function in mind for both landing and retaining your catch. Packed with features which make it the perfect fishing net for the dedicated carp angler and specialist angler.

The 42 inch spreader arms on this landing net are slotted into a compact spreader block, ensuring that the base for this fishing net is sturdy. After all, the spreader block is the point of the net which is likely to be under the most pressure, as it is the meeting point between the fishing net (holding the fish which is exerting a downward pressure towards the water) and the landing net handle (which you’re exerting an upwards pressure on in order to lift the fish from the water). This is why the spreader block on a landing net is often considered to be its weakest point – this isn’t the case on the Advanta 42 Inch Landing Net. Meshing on a fishing net is incredibly important, and Advanta have done everything in its power to ensure that not aspect of this fishing net can damage the delicate scales of the fish. The landing net mesh is incredibly deep hex mesh and finished off in the trademark Advanta green colour.

As the name suggests, this is landing net is supplied with a matt black 6ft 2 piece landing net handle. The Advanta Fishing Net has an incredible reach, so you don’t have to worry about leaning precariously over the water to land your catch, and 6ft (1.8m) is generally considered the optimum handle length for most anglers fishing with all lengths of carp rods. Carbon is an outstandingly lightweight material, so this stiff carbon composite landing net handle is featherweight for its size and you’ll never have to worry about getting an aching arm as you hold out your fishing net for your catch. The Advanta landing net features a shrink wrap grip, this not only helps with construction and deconstruction of the net, but it also ensures that you’re able to enjoy a faultless grip at all stages of the landing of your capture. The Advanta Landing Net is supplied with a drawcord carry bag which not only makes transport and storage easy, but also prevents any water from dripping from the landing net in transport to and from the bank.

Advanta 42” Landing Net with Matt Black Carbon Handle

Unveiling the robust Advanta 42” Landing Net, meticulously crafted to meet the nuanced needs of dedicated carp and specimen anglers across the UK. This indispensable piece of angling equipment echoes precision and practicality, ensuring that you are well-equipped to land big fish with ease and assurance.

Central to its design is the high-performance matt black carbon handle, which blends seamlessly with the aesthetics of your carp rods and additional angling accessories. The choice of material ensures the handle is both lightweight and robust, capable of enduring the weight of substantial catches without compromising on manoeuvrability.

The handle embodies practicality, featuring a two-piece construction that simplifies the transport process, an essential attribute for the mobile angler. Its compact nature doesn’t compromise its structural integrity or functionality, maintaining its pivotal role in your angling arsenal.

Complementing the handle is a sturdy compact spreader block, a component fundamental in maintaining the net's shape and stability. It aids in effectively navigating the water and ensures the safe and secure handling of your catch, enhancing your overall landing experience.

The net boasts a deep green hex mesh, considerate of the welfare of the fish. Soft and fish-friendly, the mesh is engineered to accommodate various sizes of carp, ensuring their protection and ease of handling during the landing process. The mesh’s depth is a testament to its capacity to manage substantial catches, solidifying its place as a requisite tool for the serious angler.

Included with the landing net is a durable carry bag, enhancing the net’s portability and providing a convenient storage solution. It safeguards the net and its components, ensuring they remain in optimal condition, ready for your next angling expedition.


Handle Material: High-performance matt black carbon
Construction: Two-piece handle
Spreader Block: Compact design
Mesh: Deep green hex, soft and fish-friendly
Additional: Carry bag included

The Advanta 42” Landing Net is a culmination of essential features that collectively enhance the angler’s experience, particularly in carp and specimen fishing. Its matt black carbon handle ensures durability while maintaining a lightweight profile, ensuring ease of use. The two-piece construction of the handle, alongside the inclusion of a carry bag, enhances its portability, a crucial aspect for anglers on the move.

The compact spreader block and deep green hex mesh are focused on the secure and safe handling of the fish, demonstrating a commitment to ethical angling practices. The mesh is proficient in accommodating a broad spectrum of carp sizes, ensuring adaptability in various angling scenarios.

Designed with a thorough understanding of the angler’s needs, the Advanta 42” Landing Net stands as a testament to practical, durable, and ethical angling equipment, prepared to enhance your fishing experience and success in the waters.

The Advanta 42” Landing Net and handle has been designed with big fish in mind and the net is packed out with features which make it the perfect tool for the dedicated carp and specimen angler. Manufactured from high performance carbon this is a lightweight and strong handle. With a matt black finish, this will perfectly complement your carp rods and any other items in your existing carp fishing setup. It boasts a two-piece construction to allow you to pack down this net for ease of transport, ensuring that this is the perfect tackle item for the mobile angler. The Advanta 42” landing net also features a soft fish friendly hex mesh net that is deep enough to accommodate any size of carp you will encounter.
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