Advanta Bivvy Mat

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Key Features

  • Heavy duty durable material
  • Waterproof &washable neoprene padded centre
  • Ideal to store wet muddy footwear
  • Pegging points in each corner
  • Tough webbing trim around the mat
  • This mat doubles up as a large rod splash mat
  • Please note: additional pegs required to secure to ground

Advanta Deluxe Bivvy Mat, 

If you’re someone who doesn’t like the bulk of a groundsheet but you’re fed up of stepping onto muddy ground first thing in the morning or you’re someone who doesn’t want to completely wash out the interior of your bivvy after every damp weekend then a bivvy mat will be an essential part of your setup. You can set it up under your bedchair, providing you with someone dry to place your feet when you swing out of bed in the morning, or you can position it in the opening of your bivvy, giving you somewhere to store your muddy boots in the wetter weather.

The Advanta Bivvy Mat is the ideal mat for use in your bivvy or under your bedchair. It has been manufactured using heavy duty materials to ensure that it can withstand all the usual wear and tear which you would expect to endure as a committed angler. The centre of the mat has been covered in a neoprene material. Not only does this give you somewhere soft and padded on which to stand but it also ensures that this bivvy mat is completely waterproof. This allows you to wash down the mat after use with ease, removing any mud or dirt quickly and efficiently whilst also preventing any mud incursion into the bivvy, too. The outer rim of the Advanta Bivvy Mat has been manufactured from a similarly durable material and it boasts a tough webbing trim around the outer perimeter of the mat, too. This ensures that you’re never at risk of the mat fraying, even after extended use, reducing the risk of a trip hazard forming over time.

However, this mat is more than simply suitable for use in your bivvy. It is also ideal for use as a splash mat, preventing splash back from the bank getting onto your rods and reels. After all, nothing is more damaging to your reel than small bits of grit getting into the internal mechanisms. Without a splash mat down, any water that slashes against the mud on the bank could then spray up and into your reel – especially if you’re fishing with a low profile setup. By placing the Advanta Bivvy Mat under your rod, you can prevent this from occurring. Similarly, this mat allows you to fish in a low profile setup even when the bankside is covered in dense, long grass. By first placing this mat down, you can pack down the grasses at the water’s edge, allowing you to fish with your rods and reels close to the ground and opening up your angling opportunities.

The Advanta Bivvy Mat has been fitted with four pegging points, one in each corner. These allow you to secure your mat into the ground, eliminating the risk that a brisk breeze will blow your mat away down the bank or, even worse, into the water. Please note, pegs do not come supplied with this mat and are instead available to purchase separately.

As with all Advanta products, not only is this mat versatile and hard wearing but it is also exceptional value for money. This makes it as ideal for the novice angler as it is for the committed pro who spends each weekend on the bank. In all-black with an olive green trim, ensuring that it will look great under any rod setup or in front of any bivvy system. What’s more, it is available exclusively online and in store at Angling Direct. 

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