Advanta Carp Tackle Box Complete

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Key Features

  • See through grey lid
  • Durable hinges
  • Strong &compact design
  • Made from durable materials to guarantee long life
  • Supplied with multiple storage boxes &dividers

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Advanta Carp Tackle Box Complete, 

Organisation is a key factor in all anglers’ setups – whether you’re on the bank every weekend or you only manage to escape to the lake a couple of times a year. Having easy access to your gear and being able to know exactly where the gear you need is must be one of your biggest assets on the bank. It allows you to respond quickly and easily to a constantly changing situation on the water as well as ensuring that your set-up and pack-down times are reduced to a minimum – maximising the amount of time you get to spend with your rods out over the water. This is something which the Advanta team understands, which is why the brand has brought out these impressive Carp Tackle Boxes.

The Advanta Carp Tackle Box has been designed to store a whole host of your most essential carp fishing terminal tackle. This includes everything from your rig bits right through to those hooks which are going to make first contact with your next personal best carp. To ensure the complete security and safety of your vital tackle items, the box has been manufactured with durable materials. Not only does this protect your gear from all the usual bankside knocks and scrapes but it also ensures that this box is able to last a lifetime on the bank and the Advanta team has no doubt that you’ll still be using this impressive product in a number of years. Special attention has been paid to the hinges of this box, to ensure that they are every bit as durable as the rest of the product, as well as to the clasp. This ensures that you never have to worry that you’re going to open up your luggage to find that the Advanta Carp Tackle Box has burst open – causing terminal tackle to be strewn in and amongst the contents of your rucksack or carryall.

The Advanta Carp Tackle Box is available in two sizes and both sizes also feature multiple internal compartment boxes, too. The smallest box has dimensions of 26cm x 19cm x 5cm and it is ideal for the angler who likes to enjoy a compact setup whilst still having the availability to cater for all scenarios on the bank. This box comes with two large dividers and three small dividers, allowing you to divvy up the box in whichever manner best suits your setup. It also comes with six internal compartment boxes. These are ideal for the storage of all your tackle items, ensuring that each is perfectly protected against standard bankside wear and tear, and each box features its own divided internal compartments, too. Each of the boxes is 6.5cm x 10.5cm in size and they all feature the same transparent grey lid, durable hinges, and clips as the main box. Each box also has a rounded base, to ensure easy removal from the Advanta Carp Tackle Box.

The largest box has dimensions of 36cm x 28.5cm x 5.5cm and it also comes supplied with internal dividers of various sizes in order to allow you to customise your storage solution. Similarly, it also comes with six internal compartment boxes, each of which boasting dimensions of 6.5cm x 10cm, featuring rounded bases, and constructed to the same high quality as the external box. However, this box also features a dedicated rig storage container, which runs the entire length of the Advanta Carp Tackle Box and is ideal for keeping your pre-made rigs in tip top condition. This box is ideal for the dedicated carp angler who wants to keep all their tackle items close to hand and organised both on the bank and off it. 

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