Advanta Bivvy Table Deluxe

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Key Features

  • Lightweight but robust
  • Powder coated aluminium top
  • Smooth raised edges
  • Height adjustable, fold away legs
  • Non slip rubber feet
  • Supplied with a storage bag
  • Dimensions: L 47cm x W 30.5cm x H 23-33cm

Advanta Deluxe Bivvy Table, 

When you’re sat in your bivvy on a cold, wet, or windy day at the bank, twiddling your thumbs and waiting for any sign of action or excitement, some of the shine of bankside life can feel as if it is wearing a little thin. This is where owning a top quality bivvy table, such as this Advanta Deluxe Bivvy Table, can really turn your day around. At first glance, you might think that a bivvy table is an unnecessary bankside accessory which only serves to take up space in your barrow. However, by looking a little closer into the benefits that a bivvy table can afford you – especially on your longer carp fishing sessions – you’ll be astounded by the difference one small table can make to your bankside enjoyment.

Firstly, a bivvy table provides you with a place to store all the small items which you want to have immediately to hand on the bank. Whether that is your bite alarm receiver, your mobile phone or tablet, or your smaller tackle items (such as an unloaded spod rocket, etc), your bivvy table can provide you with the perfect surface storage for quick and easy access when you need your gear the most.

However, this is only the beginning when it comes to the kind of benefits that you can enjoy from bivvy table ownership. This Advanta Deluxe Bivvy Table is manufactured from a lightweight and robust material, which a powder coated aluminium top. This makes it the perfect surface on which you can construct your rigs! To make top quality rigs, you need to have a flat and stable surface, which this table provides in abundance. The table also boasts smooth raised edges. This ensures that your tackle can’t slide or roll from the table, as nothing is worse than dropping a lead or swivel only to watch it slide from your table and into the undergrowth . With the raised edges of this table, your gear is kept neatly on its surface, so you won’t have to waste time rummaging around for your vital terminal tackle. The ability to construct an accurate rig on the bank is one that can’t be understated, as it allows you to respond to changing bankside situations and try out new tactics – potentially saving you from a blank.

With height adjustable legs, you can modify the height of this table to suit your needs. For example, if you want the surface of the table close to your face for rig construction, you can elevate the table to allow you to get up-close and personal with your rig. Should you be faced with an uneven bankside terrain, you can also adjust the height of these legs to correct this, ensuring that you’re always left with a completely flat surface. The legs of the table are finished with rubber non-slip feet, ensuring that your gear always has a completely sturdy base. The legs fold away, too. This ensures that you can enjoy the compact transport and storage of your Advanta Deluxe Bivvy Table, so you don’t need to worry that it will take up all of the room on your barrow. It even comes supplied in its very own storage bag, for ease of transportation.

Finished in a sleek all-black colour, the Advanta Deluxe Bivvy Table will look great with your existing carp fishing setup – whether it is sat outside your bivvy on a beautiful summer’s morning or it’s tucked away inside on a miserable late-autumn evening. 

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