Advanta Deluxe Pillow

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Key Features

  • Full sized pillow
  • Super soft and luxurious fleece upper
  • Soft nylon reverse side
  • Hollofil fibre filling
  • Machine washable

Advanta Deluxe Pillow, 

Comfort on the bank is essential to your angling success. If you’re looking to enjoy your time on the bank then you’ll need much more than just personal best captures and top end equipment – you’re going to need the proper clothing (to keep you warm when its cold, dry when its wet, and cool when its hot), cooking equipment (to keep you fed and topped up with tea or coffee), and a comfortable overnight solution. Whether you’re on the bank for a quick overnighter or a longer weekend session, your overnight gear can completely change your perception of life on the bank. This is why the Advanta team has put a focus on the design of overnight angling tackle – ensuring that you can enjoy each and every hour you spend at the water’s edge.

One such item is the Advanta Deluxe Pillow. Designed to elevate any on-bank sleeping scenario to ensure that you can sleep in relative luxury, this pillow is a bankside essential for the dedicated carp angler who doesn’t want to leave anything to chance. This is a full sized pillow, so you can toss and turn on your bedchair without worrying that your head is going to slip from its cushion. It features an attachment buckle, too. This allows you to fasten the pillow around the head of your bedchair, so it will never fall off the chair in the night. The fastening also allows you to permanently store your pillow on your bedchair, in order to ensure that you never forget it on the bank.

The upper side of the pillow has been finished with a super soft fleece material. This is perfect for the colder months on the bank as it allows any heat from your head or body to be trapped against the pillow, keeping you warm all night long. It also helps to prevent heat from escaping out of the open end of your sleeping bag, too, which preserves your body temperature even in the coldest weather conditions and ensures that you can enjoy a luxurious night’s sleep. The reverse side of the pillow is finished in a nylon material. Not only does this material feel soft against your skin but it is also ideal for those warmer and more pleasant nights on the bank. This dual sided pillow ensures that you can always enjoy a comfortable night on the bank, whether you’re carp fishing in the height of summer or you’re trying your luck in the depths of winter. The pillow has been filled with a hollofibre material. This is the same standard of filling which is used in your pillows at home, so you can be confident that it will perfectly cushion your head and neck on the bank. By pairing this Advanta Deluxe Pillow with a top quality bedchair, you can say goodbye to all the aches and pains which you would usually associate with life on the bank.

As a final bonus feature, this Advanta Deluxe Pillow is completely machine washable. This means that, should it succumb to the usual bankside dirt and grime, you can simply add this pillow in to your usual tackle wash and it will come up almost like new. If you’re looking to improve your comfort on the bank then this deluxe pillow is perfect for you and an excellent addition to the growing Advanta overnight tackle range.

The Advanta brand was established in 2011 and it has already made its mark on the carp fishing market. Committed to quality as well as to offering exceptional value for money, this bran dis perfect for the novice and experienced angler alike.

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