Advanta Discovery CX Floatation Weigh Sling

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Key Features

  • Floatation weigh sling / short term retainer
  • Designed for safe retention and release
  • Full length floats for added buoyancy
  • Three quarter mesh construction for easy flow & exchange of water
  • Complete top mesh panel with full length zip, safety clip and support bars
  • 4 carry handles, strong main weigh strap with rings and high-vis Velcro fastenings
  • Supplied with stink bag & three metre clip cord
  • Size: Length 126cm x Width 43cm x Depth 65cm
  • Weight: 1.5kg

Advanta Discovery CX Floatation Weigh Sling

Fish care is one of the most important considerations for all anglers and it is an aspect of angling that the team at Advanta are passionate about. The Advanta Discovery range has been especially designed with the carp fishing fanatic in mind and this Advanta Discovery CX Floatation Weigh Sling is the ideal carp care item for the conscientious carp angler who wants to make sure they are returning their captures to the water in the same condition that they are removing them, ensuring that the double figure carp of today can become the British record breakers of the future.

The first thing that you’ll notice about this product is that it is a combination between a floatation sling and a weigh sling. This means that it is able to be used in the water and out of the water, reducing the amount of times you have to transfer the carp from tackle item to tackle item. The more times you handle the fish, the greater the chance is that you’ll remove its protective slime (potentially causing disease and injury) and the stress that you put the carp through is only going to increase. Having an all-in-one product, such as this Advanta Discovery CX Floatation Weigh Sling, ensures that your total contact time with the carp is reduced to the minimum you require to unhook and take photos – in turn, this gives the carp the quickest recovery time possible.

This Advanta Discovery CX Floatation Weigh Sling boasts a three-quarter mesh construction. This ensures that water is able to flow easily through the sling when in the water, helping to speed up the recovery process for the carp and preventing the sling from being pulled or otherwise buffeted by any potential current. The mesh base also allows for the quick and easy draining of water, too. This means that you’re going to get an accurate weight every time you place this sling on your scales, without having to wait for a water-logged sling to drain or dry.

One of the best features of this Advanta Discovery CX Floatation Weigh Sling is its full length floats. This gives the sling incredible buoyancy in the water and it ensures that the weight of your carp is fully supported whilst you’re retaining it. Retaining fish has always been a bone of contention among carp anglers, especially when you’re landing large doubles. However, it is generally agreed that, with the right equipment, temporarily retaining your fish helps to ensure that fish is less stressed and able to recover more quickly once released. If you think how exhausted you are after battling with a carp for 10 or 15 minutes then you can imagine how tired the carp is! Retaining your fish in the water whilst after unhooking (whilst you’re setting up your weighing equipment or getting ready for photos) and before releasing it back into its home gives it time to take in some water, relax, and recover, and today many anglers consider retaining fish for a short period of time to be a kindness. What’s more, it gives you chance to re-rig and get your rods back out there quickly – even before you’ve verified the weight of your capture!

The Advanta Discovery CX Floatation Weigh Sling has also been fitted with high-vis Velcro fastenings. These reflect under the light of a torch and make it easy to locate your sling, should you experience a late night or early hours take. It comes supplied with its own stink bag, to ensure that you car boot remains stink free after a long weekend at the bank, as well as a three metre clip cord.

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