Advanta Discovery CX Landing Net 42'' (107cm)

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Key Features

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  • Matt black carbon composite handle
  • Innovative dual arm net floats
  • Featuring shrink wrapped grips
  • Laser etched butt cap
  • Strong reinforced nylon spreader block
  • Deep green hex mesh
  • Net clip

Advanta Discovery CX Landing Net 42'' (107cm),

The original Advanta Discovery CX Landing Net 42 Inch was met with a storming reception and it was an instant bankside hit for the Advanta brand. Now, the company has responded to feedback on the product and manufactured this: the Advanta Discovery CX Landing Net 42'' (107cm). As the name suggests, this net boasts all the benefits of the original CX net, this time with an aluminium spreader block rather than a nylon block.

Although somewhat heavier than the nylon offering, the spreader bock has been designed to give the carp and specimen hunter the additional strength and support that they require when they’re looking to land a larger fish. This ensures that you can target a whole manner of species, safe with the confidence that you won’t face disaster during the all important water-to-bank transfer. However, this isn’t the only element of the net which has been designed to give you confidence when you’re targeting large fish. First things first, as the name of the net suggests, this landing net features huge 42 inch arms. This ensures that the net has a large gape, allowing you to comfortably enclose even the biggest of the UK’s species.

The mesh of this Advanta Discovery CX Landing Net 42'' (107cm) has been manufactured from top quality fish friendly material. Fish care is something that all anglers should bear in mind whenever they are on the bank and it vital for the continued growth of angling that fish are returned to the water in the same condition as they were when they were removed. With this net in your arsenal, you don’t need to be concerned that you’re harming your capture as you’re transferring it from the water to your unhooking mat.

The handle of this net is equally as impressive as the mesh of the net itself and it has been manufactured from a high performance carbon composite material. This is a strong and rigid material which will help to support the weight of your carp as you lift it from the water. This handle is finished in a matt black material, to ensure that it complements your complete range of carp rods. It boasts two Japanese shrink wrap grips, too. This ensures that you can benefit from high quality gripping points at all stages of your fish landing and these grips perform fantastically in all weather conditions.

The Advanta Discovery CX Landing Net 42'' (107cm) also benefits from a number of special bonus features. This includes dual arm net floats. Unlike most other nets, for which you have to purchase an additional float, these floats come completely integrated into the design of the net. These help to support the weight of the net in the water, which can quickly become waterlogged, and they ensure that you’re able to manoeuvre the net precisely through the water. Additionally, the net also comes fitted with a ring clip. This is vital, should you be fishing in a snaggy area, as it allows you to clip the base of the net up close to the handle, preventing the net mesh from being caught on any weeds or other snags underneath the water. This net clip also helps to keep your net away from any foliage whilst you’re stalking on the bank.

If you’re looking for a top quality net for all your carp fishing needs then you need look no further, this Advanta Discovery CX Landing Net 42'' (107cm) is the perfect addition to your angling arsenal and it will ensure that you can confidently land your capture in all conditions.

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