Advanta Discovery CX Rover Landing Net

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Key Features

  • Fitted with Advanta's new aluminium spreader block
  • Matt black carbon composite 2-piece handle
  • Innovative dual arm net floats
  • Featuring shrink wrapped grips
  • Laser etched butt cap
  • Deep green hex mesh
  • Net clip
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AD111 Size: 36 Inch (92cm)
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AD112 Size: 42 Inch (107cm)
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Advanta Discovery CX Rover Landing Net,

Designed with the roving and mobile angler in mind, the original Rover Landing Net was an instant success in the carp fishing community. However, those carp and specimen anglers who targeted the biggest UK species had one request, that the nylon spreader block was strengthened, without significantly increasing the weight of landing net. The Advanta team took this feedback and have redesigned the spreader block of this landing net whilst still retaining all the features that made the original net so popular. This Advanta Discovery CX Rover Landing Net (Alu Block) was the result.

As the name suggests, this landing net features a remodelled aluminium spreader block, which replaces the nylon spreader block on the original model. This increases the strength of the net, reducing the risk of the block cracking under the pressure of landing a huge double figure carp, without significantly increasing the weight of your setup. However, this isn’t the only feature of Advanta Discovery CX Rover Landing Net (Alu Block) which has been designed with big fish in mind and the net is packed out with features which make it the perfect tool for the dedicated carp and specimen angler. The first of these features is the size of the net itself. There are two different net sizes available. The smallest of these is a 36 inch arm option. This is perfect for the angler who wants to enjoy the versatility that angling in the UK can offer and it is large enough to house most of the biggest species that you’re likely to catch on the British Isles whilst still being small enough not to completely dwarf smaller species. The second net size is the standard 42 inch option. This gives a huge spread which is perfect for the angler who is committed to targeting the very biggest UK carp and specimen species.

The handle of the Advanta Discovery CX Rover Landing Net (Alu Block) is equally as impressive and it has been designed in order to allow you to confidently lift the biggest fish from the water. Manufactured from high performance carbon composite, this is a lightweight and strong handle. With a matt black finish, this will perfectly complement your carp rods and any other items in your existing carp fishing setup. It boasts a two piece construction to allow you to pack down this net for ease of transport, ensuring that this is the perfect tackle item for the mobile angler. It features two shrink wrap grips. This not only helps with construction and deconstruction of the net but it also ensures that you’re able to enjoy a faultless grip at all stages of the landing of your capture.

One of the most innovative features of the Advanta Discovery CX Rover Landing Net (Alu Block) is its dual arm net floats. On most traditional nets you have to purchase a net float separately, which you then have to attach around the spread block to hold it in place whilst in use. The dual arm floats on this net are completely integrated, ensuring that they are always going to be in the perfect position to help support your net as you manoeuvre it through the water.

Finally, the Advanta Discovery CX Rover Landing Net (Alu Block) has also been fitted with a net clip. This is a retaining hook which allows you to lift the base of your net, clipping it close to the handle. When you’re landing fish in snaggy conditions, the last thing that you want is for your net to get caught (or worse, ripped) whilst you’re positioning it ready for your fish. With this net clip, you don’t have to worry about your net mesh getting caught on snags. Similarly, when you’re roving around on the bank, this clip prevents your net from snagging on any foliage you pass, too. This really is the ideal net for the mobile and roving carp angler and it is an excellent addition to the growing Advanta Discovery range.

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