Advanta Discovery CX Spare Mesh

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Key Features

  • Super soft, fish friendly hex mesh
  • Replacement for most models
  • Weed green colour
  • One spare mesh per pack
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Model Item name
AD035 Size: 36inch
AD036 Size: 42inch

Advanta Discovery CX Spare Mesh, 

Advanta is a brand that likes to help you achieve on the bank and it understands that to be the best you can be you need to be prepared for the worst to happen. This is why it has designed a replacement mesh that is compatible with most 36 inch and 42 inch landing net models. After all, it is devastating to play a huge double figure fish right into the bank only to find yourself faced attempting to land the thing using a worn out old mesh! Or, even worse, pulling you net out to discover that it has ripped or been otherwise damaged in storage or transit! Landing a large fish with a weakened or ripped net is impossible and you may as well call it day a day there and then. However, by carrying the Advanta Discovery CX Spare Mesh in your luggage, you need not worry about this outcome as you can ensure that you are prepared for even the most disastrous of scenarios.

The Advanta Discovery CX Spare Mesh is available in both a 36 inch and 42 inch size. This means that whether you’re an angler who targets a range of commercial fish or you’re someone who only aims for the biggest and best syndicate carp, you’re always able to pack a spare mesh that suits your needs. This spare net has been manufactured with super soft hex mesh, which adheres to all modern fish care standards. After all, it is only by looking after the small doubles of today that you’re able to catch the monster carp of the future and this hex mesh has been purpose designed to prevent the removal of the fish’s protective mucus – helping to avoid disease or illness among fish stocks. This mesh comes in a classic weedy green colour, which is not only neutral in most water conditions (so as not to spook your capture) but it also complements any existing carp fishing tackle that you may already own. Whether you’re replacing the mesh on your Advanta landing net or you’re replacing the mesh of a different model, this is the ideal net for your needs.

Advanta is a brand that designs tackle by anglers and for anglers. It was established in 2011 after it recognised a lack of year round availability of core angling items and it aims to create innovative and practical pieces for anglers on all budgets. If you’re looking for a tackle item which expresses fantastic value for money then you need look no further – the Advanta brand is your perfect option. This Discovery range is its dedicated carp fishing collection and it contains a whole host of products to make life on the bank that little bit easier for the carp angler. From bivvies and bedchairs right through to tackle spares such as this mesh, the Advanta Discovery range contains everything you need to enjoy yourself whilst carp fishing. However, although the brand started life as a carp specialist, it has since diversified and now produces tackle for anglers across the disciplines. Whether you enjoy the competitive match fishing scene, the thrill of pike fishing, or you prefer the salt sea air, the brand has got something for you it its growing collection. What’s more, Advanta is available exclusively at Angling Direct and the Angling Direct team have significant input into the design and manufacture of Advanta tackle – in fact, it’s a brand we’re proud to call our own. 

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