Advanta Discovery RVS Rod Twin Tip Power SU

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Key Features

  • Designed for use on medium-large rivers
  • The 2.75lb top is ideal for larger lead/feeder use
  • Supplied with two top sections, 2.25lb & 2.75lb
  • 30T Carbon blank with a durable matte finish
  • Lightweight and very durable LTS guides
  • DPS 18mm reel seat with 3K carbon barrel

The Advanta Discovery RVS Rod is your 12ft, twin-tip angling advantage in large, forceful rivers, such as the Severn, Trent, and Wye. For the more adventurous angler, or those keen to try their hand in challenging conditions simply for the experience, there’s no better value floodwater rod than the Advanta Discovery.

When you’re fishing floodwater, carried sediment will muddy the waters, and reduce visibility, meaning that the fish are less wary of you, because they can’t see you, but also that they are relying much more on scent than sight – so bring out those big, smelly baits to really get them going.

In the Discovery RVS, Advanta has created a lightweight, durable, responsive rod designed for the angler or coarse fisherman who likes taking on challenging waters. Featuring an 18mm DPS reel seat finished with a 3K carbon barrel, the Discovery RVS is a simple yet striking coarse fishing rod, with a durable matt finish, and the specification you need to fish the rivers you want.

If fishing floodwater if your thing, aim for summer flash floods, where the water is warm enough to keep the fish moving, or in winter, head out when the river level begins to fall: during active winter floods, the water is too cold, and often too clogged, for fish to feel like feeding.  As the waters begin to fall, however, those fish, who have been put off feeding by the cold winter flood waters will be hungry – and inclined to take whatever bait you offer. To really get them paying attention, why not try Advanta Chilli Hemp? The strong, spicy scent and deep colour offers an irresistible combination to hungry fish, and, with the Advanta Discovery RVS on hand, rigged and tipped to handle whatever river or flood waters may care to throw at it, you’re well prepared to pick them off as they come to investigate.

As well as the right rod, fishing rivers, and especially floodwater, requires the right kind of warm, waterproof clothing. Advanta offers you a course fishing, river, and floodwater angling advantage with the Discovery RVS Twin Tip: don’t squander that advantage by being unprepared for the weather, temperature, and conditions.

There’s no reason to be afraid of forceful rivers, or even floodwaters – just make sure you’re prepared for them, and prepare to discover surprising success with the Advanta RVS Discovery.

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