Advanta Endurance Reclining Bedchair Buddy

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Key Features

  • Fits across bedchair turning it into a comfortable seat
  • Suitable for use with all bedchairs
  • Lightweight and durable frame
  • Easy to set up
  • Offers multiple positions
  • Provides excellent support for your back
  • Can also be used as as a low/guest chair

Advanta Endurance Reclining Bedchair Buddy

For the angler who likes to keep mobile it can sometimes feel like an unnecessary extra weight to carry a day chair down to the bank as well as all the rest of your angling equipment. This can’t be more true than when you’re also carrying a bedchair down to the bank to enjoy a quick overnighter. Luckily, the team at Advanta has designed a nifty little tool to help support your back – without the added weight of a complete chair system. They call this back support system the bedchair buddy. This is the Advanta Endurance Reclining Bedchair Buddy and it is the perfect solution for the angler who wants to sit comfortable on the bank without having to carry a complete chair down to the water.

The basic principle of the bedchair buddy is that it fits horizontally across any bedchair, transforming the handy perch into a comfortable seat. Its design ensures that it will fit comfortably on any size of bedchair, whether you have a standard or a wide boy size, so you can always enjoy the pleasures of complete back support. The frame of the chair is both lightweight and durable. This ensures that you’ll never feel weighed down when you’re transporting your bedchair buddy down to the bank. Similarly, it also ensures that you’re never let down by your buddy on the bank, as the chair’s robust construction will last as long as you can.

However, there are several areas in which the Advanta Endurance Reclining Bedchair Buddy really sets itself apart from the competition. As you might expect given the name of the product, this is a reclining bedchair buddy. This means that you’re able to pick the angle at which to sit, allowing you to completely support your back in all angling conditions – whether you prefer to sit bolt upright on the look out for action or you prefer to lounge back to let your bite alarms do all the hard indication work. Thanks to the easy-to-operate screw system, all you need to do to recline you chair is to rotate the two cogs on either side of the buddy. This allows the chair to be leant back to whichever angle you so desire. All you need to do then is to re-tighten the screws and you’re good to go! This allows you to pick any angle at which to recline – perfect for the angler with a bad back. The Advanta Endurance Reclining Bedchair Buddy is padded throughout, with delicate padding on the seat, as this will be on the bedchair, and more robust padding on the back – which is the area which needs the additional support.

As this Advanta Endurance Reclining Bedchair Buddy is so lightweight, it also makes the perfect guest chair. This is ideal if you’re joined at the bank by another angler, or a friend or family member. After all, it can sometimes be uncomfortable to maintain a conversation over a brew if one of you is stood and the other is sat. This bedchair buddy gives you an easy way of providing a seat to your bankside guest. It also works perfectly as an alternative to a low chair. This is ideal if you’re somebody who enjoys ultra-mobile angling, as this is an exceptionally lightweight solution to the problem of comfortable bankside seating.

If you’re looking for a lightweight and easy to manoeuvre solution to the problem of bringing a day chairs and a bedchair down to the bank then the Advanta Endurance Reclining Bedchair Buddy is the perfect tool for you.

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