Advanta Lead Pouch

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Key Features

  • Manufactured from highly durable material
  • Neat little storage pouch
  • Padded interior
  • Double zips
  • Carry handle
  • Will accommodate leads &feeders
  • Prevents leads clashing or getting damaged
  • Also suitable for other tackle items
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AD319 Size: Single
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AD320 Size: Double
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Advanta Lead Pouch,

If you’re looking for a neat and compact way to safely store all your leads and other hard terminal tackle items then you need look no further: the Advanta Lead Pouch is the perfect luggage solution for you. Available in two sizes, to ensure that it provides the optimal padded storage for all manner of terminal tackle items, the Lead Pouch is ideal to store in any pocket of your carp fishing luggage to allow you easy access to a whole range of your essential tackle items.

Both of the pouches in the range have been manufactured from highly durable materials, in order to withstand the daily rigours of bankside life. Fitted with small, double stitched carry handles, manoeuvring the pouches on the bank is exceptionally easy and but placing them into the pockets of your luggage with the handles pointed upwards you can ensure that you’ll be able to quickly remove them when you need another lead for your setup. What’s more, both pouches have been fitted with double zips. These ensure that you can enjoy easy access to your leads, so if you’re keeping one hand on your rig mid-construction, you’ll still be able to quickly open the pouch and remove the lead.

The Advanta Lead Pouch features a padded interior to stop leads from clashing around in transit. One of the biggest causes of tackle damage is due to leads hitting into other items as you’re transporting your gear to and from the bank. This isn’t really surprising, considering that they are small and weighted items designed to drag your rig down to the venue bed within seconds of your line hitting the water! By purchasing a top quality lead pouch, such as this, you can preserve the other vital elements of your carp fishing rig whilst still enjoying all the benefits that a lead can provide to your setup. What’s more, the Lead Pouch will also prevent the leads themselves from sustaining damage, maintaining their smooth, flat, or aerodynamic shapes to ensure you can keep casting with accuracy.

The Advanta Lead Pouch is available in a single or a double size. This allows you to choose the perfect pouch for the leads you looking to store, as well as making these pouches ideal for the storage of your feeders. Feeders, unlike leads, are delicate tackle items which could easily sustain structure damage if placed in with a multitude of other items in a tackle box. The padding on these pouches makes them ideal for the storage of such items and it ensures that your feeders are protected from all the usual bankside bumps and knocks.

The Advanta Lead Pouch really is a neat little storage pouch which is ideal for a whole range of tackle storage uses. Whether you’re looking to protect other items from your leads or you’re looking to storage a host of other small terminal tackle items then this pouch is ideal for you. It is an excellent addition to the Advanta stable and it joins a growing range of Advanta luggage products. This range has been designed to ensure that anglers of all disciplines have the storage space they need to carry their entire angling arsenal neatly to and from the bank. The range contains luggage options of all shapes and sizes, from the biggest and longest rod holdalls right down to small and compact items such as this Lead Pouch. No matter what item you’re looking to store and transport or what discipline you prefer, the Advanta luggage range has the perfect solution for you.

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