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Advanta Needle And Drill Set

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Key Features

  • Bright colours
  • Strong &Robust
  • Unique comfort grip
  • Tackle box size
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Advanta Needle and Drill Set

Having the ability to prepare and modify your carp bait on the bank as you see fit is absolutely essential, particularly if you want to make an adjustments to your rig. Perfect presentation of bait in the water is the only way that you’re going to consistently achieve takes. This is why the team at Advanta has designed this premier Needle and Drill Set. The set contains all the products that you need to ensure that your bait is prepped ready for your rig.

The Advanta Needle and Drill Set contains one bait drill and four dedicated needle bits. This is because the team knows that you’re never going to need the exact same needle and the equipment that you’ll use with vary depending on the rig that you’re using. The variety in the pack means that you’re never having to ‘make do’ when you’re creating your rig. Instead, you have the tackle that you need right at hand, ensuring that you can craft the perfect rig on the bank with the kind of flawless bait presentation that you require. Each of the different needles feature unique comfort grips in a variety of colours. These ensure that, even with cold and wet hands, you’re always able to construct the perfect rig for your needs. The colour coding means that you can quickly and easily indentify the perfect needle for your rig construction, so you don’t have to waste time rummaging around in your tackle box trying to locate the perfect tackle item for your needs. The vibrant colours also ensures that you’re never at risk of misplacing or loosing these needles or the drill and you’ll always be able to quickly and easily locate your gear when you need them.

The Advanta Needle and Drill Set has been especially designed to be ‘tackle box sized’. This means that they’ll comfortably fit inside your existing tackle box, so you don’t have to worry about acquiring additional luggage just for your needle and drill set. All of the needles in the set are strong and robust in their design, to ensure that they’ll last you a lifetime on the bank and they’ll allow you to create rig after rig with ease. When you’re drilling boilies for presentation on your rig or you’re fiddling with the finer end of things to ensure that perfect presentation, these Advanta Needle and Drill Set are the ideal tools for you and an essential addition to your carp fishing collection.

If you’re a committed carp angler then you’ll know just how much of a difference perfectly presented bait on a rig can make to your angling. This set allows you to fish with the confidence that your bait is going to look supremely inviting under the water. the drill has been designed to perfectly bore through any boilie and the needles are all ideal for threading through your line, allowing you to construct your own bespoke rigs on the bank which are purpose designed for the conditions in front of you.

The Advanta Needle and Drill Set joins a growing collection of top end Advanta tackle. Designed to offer you superior performance on the water, the Advanta range was established in 2011 by the Angling Direct team when we indentified the need to stock a set of core products year-round – both in store and online. The Advanta range was founded on the combined ethos of quality and value for money, and the brand is dedicated to designing high quality tackle at affordable prices. 

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