Advanta Standard Bivvy Table

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Key Features

  • Ultra-strong and stable
  • Hard plastic top with non-slip surface
  • Divided into four sections
  • Raised edges
  • Height adjustable, fold away legs
  • Large swivel feet for stability on soft &uneven ground
  • Dimensions: L 60cm x W 29cm x H 24-29cm

Advanta is a brand that understands how important it is to have all the facilities you need on the bank, when you need them. This is why the Advanta range covers much more than simply the bankside basics; for the committed angler, it also stocks a whole host of accessories which can really revolutionise your time on the bank. One such item is the Advanta Standard Bivvy Table, which has been designed to open up on-bank rig construction and tackle storage for the avid angler who really wants to make the most of every second they spend at the bank – whether you’re looking out over the water watching your rod tips or you’re sat in your bivvy huddled away from the worst of the elements.

The Advanta Standard Bivvy Table has been split into four sections, giving you incredible tackle storage options. Firstly, you’ll find two small compartments. These are ideal for the storage of all your smaller tackle items and spares for your rig making. The next compartment is the largest, and sits directly in the centre of the table. The final compartment is long and thin, perfect for the storage of your steamed hooklinks, completed rigs, and any other gear that you want to keep flat and straight prior to use. These four sections of the table ensure that you’re able to store all the gear that you need for your rig construction with precision. All the sections are recessed and surrounded by a raised perimeter. This ensures that your tackle can never roll from the table onto the floor of your bivvy, not only protecting your gear form potential breakages but also saving you time which you don’t want to be spending hunting through the bankside undergrowth for your small terminal tackle items. This top section of the table has been manufactured from a robust plastic. Hard wearing and durable, this is a lightweight material which has been finished with a non-slip surface – ensuring that your tackle construction is as easy as possible. 

This is a huge bivvy table, so you won’t be short of room for all your gear on the bank. It provides a broad and stable base for all your on-bank rig construction, ensuring that you can make the most of your bankside spare time. There are many benefits to designing your own rigs during a fishing session, including the fact that you’re able to respond to any changing conditions with speed and accurary. Say, for example, that a sudden rainfall causes the previously crystal clear water to turn muddy, with weeds from other areas of the venue being washed into your swim. With this Advanta Standard Bivvy Table, you’re able to quickly and easily construct a rig which allows you to keep on fishing – potentially saving your day from a disappointing blank. 

To ensure the complete stability of the table, it has been fitted with height adjustable legs. These allow you to modify the height of the table based on your personal preference, as well as the conditions on the bank. After all, if the ground is uneven then you’re never going to be able to achieve a stable base for your tackle construction. The legs of the Advanta Standard Bivvy Table have been finished with large swivelling mud feet. These are flat, hinged feet which are designed to aid stability of the table on soft or uneven ground. The legs of this table fold away, ensuring that the table can slot neatly onto your barrow for easy transportation. This also ensures that you can easily deconstruct the table whilst it is in your bivvy, should you need to use the internal space for other tackle items overnight. 

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