Aqua Camo Net Float

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Key Features

  • Will fit and float most modern nets
  • Designed to aid the landing of fish
  • Keeps the block buoyant in the water
  • Now in DPM Camo
  • Dimensions: 200mm (h) x 50mm (d)

Aqua Camo Net Float

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time near the water then chances are that one day or another you’re going to have to get your feet wet in order to land your new personal best catch. Preparing for this eventuality is vital to your bankside success and without the appropriate tackle you are setting your self up for failure. Waders might seem like the obvious thing to consider when you’re preparing for having to enter the water to net a catch but in this scenario your landing net is just as vital. This is where the Aqua Camo Net Float comes in. Designed to fit most modern net handles, it can transform your landing net from a long reaching bankside tool to a floating on-water netting solution.

As the name suggests, the Aqua Camo Net Float comes in a fantastic camouflage print. This ensures that the net float will look great with a huge range of your existing carp fishing tackle. However, this net float does far more than simply look good. By simply slotting this float down over your landing net handle you can ensure that your landing net is completely buoyant. This means that you can take it out into the water with confidence, knowing that if you have to let go of your net handle in order to more effectively wrangle your catch you won’t have to take a short dunk into the lake to retrieve it.

A net float is also extremely useful for landing a fish on the bank, too. By supporting the weight of the heavy net head and spreader block in the water it enables the easy movement of the net – allowing you to use your energy concentrating on netting the fish rather than simply on manoeuvring the net. The Aqua Camo Net Float aids with the landing of fish in a number of scenarios and is excellent addition to your angling arsenal.

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