Berkley XTS Saltwater Red Mono

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Key Features

  • High shock strength
  • High abrasion resistance
  • High impact strength
  • Durable mono
  • Hi-vis above the surface
  • Lo-vis below the surface
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Model Item name
1242767 Breaking Strain: 18lb, Diameter: 0.39mm, Length: 825yds
1243129 Breaking Strain: 25lb, Diameter: 0.45mm, Length: 650yds
1242766 Breaking Strain: 15lb, Diameter: 0.36mm, Length: 900yds
1242768 Breaking Strain: 20lb, Diameter: 0.41mm, Length: 735yds

A quality mono line from America’s leading specialist sea fishing tackle and equipment suppliers, the Berkley XTS Red Mono line is designed for the most rugged and demanding saltwater sessions.

The Berkley red colour is designed to be hi-vis above the surface, and lo-vis below; this ensures that you can quickly and easily see where your line is and what it’s doing, but passing fish won’t be worried about it.  Being able to clearly see your line may seem a little pointless in these technologically advanced days of indicators and bite alarms, but having your line in clear sight means you can keep track of where your cast landed, and how the line was presented following the cast impact.  This helps you get your casting spot on, taking your bait out to the maximum distance with the minimum of disturbance.

A good, strong, dependable line with exceptional impact strength, this mono line, like all of Berkley’s lines, is designed for complete abrasion resistance, meaning it shouldn’t cut or fray against most common underwater obstacles, however rough or sharp.  The fact that this is a dedicated saltwater line also ensures that the line won’t be weakened by prolonged exposure to saltwater, which is typically highly corrosive to just about any kind of material.

With its bright, vivid colour, the Berkley Red is ideally suited to the dark, writing turbulence of Britain’s North Sea, and would be a good line to pack whichever water you’re fishing, in case the weather turns suddenly, as it can do out at sea.  The bright colouring of this mono line also makes it a good option for trolling from a boat, as the hi-vis above-surface line design makes it easy to keep track of your line and rig even on fast-moving water, from a moving boat.

If you like your sea angling equipment to be tough as nails, then you’ll love the Berkley quality, especially at these prices

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