Carp Porter Barrow Bivvy Light

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Key Features

  • Introducing the New Carp Porter Barrow Bivvy Light
  • 3x White LED Lamp settings
  • 3x Green LED Lamp settings
  • Also feature its own torch
  • Comes with a remote control
  • 430 Lumen brightness
  • Extremely long lasting even in maximum brightness mode
  • Powerbank feature for mobile phones or other devices
  • USB charging port with cable included
  • Recharging 36000 hours life
  • IP 68 submerging watertight
  • Green light is designed for stealth
  • Alleged anti-insect repellent
  • Unique Carp Porter barrow / bank stick clamp
  • Magnetic bivvy clamp and strip
  • Includes a double sided strip
  • Also comes with lanyard

Ever felt frustrated at just how awkward it is to use a barrow effectively on night sessions? Constantly turning your head to get the right angle to ensure you’re not about to wheel over somebody’s broken bottles, or take yourself down a track that’s actually a short cut straight into the water, ducking down to see where the kit you need is… and having to put up with the discomfort of wearing a headtorch over a beanie hat, if it’s a particularly cold night. Have you ever muttered to yourself about how much easier it would be if you could just mount your bivvy light on your barrow?

With an established reputation for providing some of the best barrows on the market, Carp Porter have clearly been spending a lot of time thinking about how to make their barrows even better. Where other brands decide to bring in a new colour or a wider wheel, or add some neoprene to the handle, Carp Porter saw a need, and created a practical product to meet it.

With a handy remote control function, the Carp Porter Barrow/Bivvy Light is everything anglers have been frustrated by a lack of when it comes to bankside lighting.  Bringing you class-leading features, including 430 lumens of bright light, through a choice of green or white LED lamp settings, this quality angling lighting solution is rated for IP 68 submerged water tightness, and features a USB charging port, with cable supplied, that can recharge the battery for up to 36000 hours – that’s over four years of brilliant bankside light, that clips to your barrow, mounts easily in your bivvy, and can even be worn on a lanyard as a high-powered handheld torch.

The green lamp setting helps with a stealthy approach – great if you’re stalking the bank at night, in cunning pursuit of a potential new pb – and is also believed to deter mozzies and other creepy crawlies and flying insects; this hasn’t been proven, however, so best to keep packing your repellent spray.

Durable and long lasting, with a unique Carp Porter clamp to quickly and easily secure your light to your barrow, or to a bankstick, this is everything angling has been waiting for, with a rugged design that was made for life on the bank.

Far brighter and longer lasting than most headtorches in the same price bracket, with greater flexibility offering a wider range of clear night-time sight, the Carp Porter Barrow/Bivvy Light is a simple solution to common problems that put many anglers off chasing the opportunities that abound in night fishing sessions.

Easily see where you’re going, look ahead for opportunities and possibilities, and keep every part of your barrow load or bivvy set up in clear sight, with a versatile lighting option that covers every angling scenario, and is designed for carp campaigns, where a fully loaded barrow is a must.



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