Century C2 Rod

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Key Features

  • Ultimate all round carp rod
  • Masters range
  • Winner of multiple awards for the best carp rod in the UK and Europe
  • Fully Autoclaved woven blank
  • High Performance Resin technology
  • Resilient and resistant to test curve decay
  • Sealed with PTFE/Silicone matt surface finish - low scratch
  • Laser engraved stainless butt cap
  • 2 stage Japanese shrink-wrap handle
  • Laser engraved 'Century C2' graphics on stainless trims
  • 1k-1k woven carbon up to the first ring on the tip
  • Custom laser graphics on ALPS frosted titanium grey reel seat
  • Fuji SiC Anti Tangle K guide: size 40mm graduated to size 12 tip
  • Dark grey tyings
  • 100% UK made
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C2/325 Length: 12FT, Test Curve: 3.25LB
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C2/350-13 Length: 13FT, Test Curve: 3.5LB
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C2/275 Length: 12FT, Test Curve: 2.75LB
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C2/350 Length: 12FT, Test Curve: 3.5LB
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Century C2 - Command and Control Rods

The Century C2 is undoubtedly one of the most impressive carp rods to have ever been produced and it is certainly the most spectacular rod of its generation. When this rod was first released it won countless awards, including best new rod for 2011 in both Europe and the UK. As you might expect from a multi-award winning rod, the Century C2 features a plethora of top end technologies that help push it well above the rest.

One such technology is Century’s HPR (high performance resin) blank design. Utilising Autoclave in the production process, the blank is cut using a Swiss engineered CAM (computer aided manufacturing) system. This ensures that you’re left with a rod blank that is not only exceptionally lightweight but also stiff and powerful. Anti-twist technology allows you to harness each little bit of power that you’re able to exert over the blank and this is the first rod of its kind to focus on the moment of inertia. The moment of inertia is the point at which the rod reaches maximum resistance against the rotation acceleration: the greater the moment of inertia the greater the force needed to cast. This is why Century has worked hard to ensure that the moment of inertia is minute in the C2, allowing for maximum power conversion in the cast.

C2 stands for command and control and, as you might expect, this rod has exceptional fish playing capabilities. With a forgiving soft tip you are able to confidently able to play hard fighting carp right under the tip of your rod. The rod is furnished with Fuji’s high stand off K guides. These are the only guides on the market today which are inbuilt with anti-tangle technology, ensuring that you can cast and retrieve without worrying about snagging your line. The rod is furnished with a patented Alps reel seat. Lightweight and finished with Century C2 graphics this reel seat will ensure that your reel is locked into position, even when fighting the most aggressive carp.

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