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Chub RS Plus Comfy Chair

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Key Features

  • Robust steel frame with a subtle black finish
  • Aluminium arm rests
  • Adjustable legs
  • Swivel mud feet
  • Extra padded mattress design
  • Leg locking pins
  • Dimensions: H 52 x W 48 x L 42
  • Weight: 5.5kg

Chub RS Plus Comfy Chair, 

As much as you’d like to think that the majority of your time on the bank carp fishing will be spent on your feet, reeling in catch after catch and casting out rig after rig, the fact of the matter is that you’re much more likely to be spending the majority of your time sat in your chair, watching over the water. This is why it is imperative that you invest in a chair which is comfortable for you, offering you the support you need to prevent any back problems and giving you a sturdy base from which you can survey your swim. The Chub RS Plus Comfy Chair has been designed with your comfort in mind and it is built to ensure that you can enjoy every minute on the bank – from those active moments when you’re playing a huge double figure fish to those quite moments when you’re keeping your eyes peels for any signs of action over the water.

The Chub RS Plus Comfy Chair has been built on a steel frame. This ensures that this chair is ultra-robust and it offers an impressive weight bearing capacity. However, don’t let this fool you into thinking that this chair is a heavy weight – far from it! In fact, it only tips the scales at a mere 5.5kg, so it is ultra-easy to transport to and from the bank. The frame has been finished in a classy all-black colour, too. This means that it perfectly complements your existing carp fishing set up and it will perfectly complement any bivvies, shelters, brollies, or other such items that you might have down at the bank. It has also been fitted with aluminium arm rests. These are ideal for the long session angler who spends a significant amount of time at the bank and they are the perfect place to rest your weary arms after a long or aggressive fish fight.

The legs are all adjustable, allowing you to modify the height of your chair to suit your needs on the bank. This also ensures that you can adjust the lay of the chair to suit the terrain you’re at, as you can practically guarantee that no bankside will be completely flat. The legs are finished with swivelling mud feet, which self-adjust to ensure that you’re sat completely flat throughout your time on the bank. You can have the most padded seat in the world but if your chair isn’t level you’re going to have the same back problems as you would if you were without a chair altogether. This is why having a chair with adjustable legs and swivelling mud feet is vital for your time on the bank. What’s more, your swivelling mud feet also help to provide you with a completely sturdy base from which you can keep a weather eye out over your fishing rod tips.

The mattress of the chair has been designed to offer you unparalleled cushioning and it has been extra padded for your comfort. Long gone are the days of numb bums with this seat and the Chub RS Plus Comfy Chair is the ideal seat for the angler with back problems. It features padding up the entirety of the back of the chair, too, ensuring that your buck is fully supported throughout your time on the bank. The material the chair is constructed from is ultra-durable and it has been designed to last you on the bank. It is finished in a dark two-tone design and features classic Chub orange piping detail. If you’re looking for an ultra-comfortable bankside chair then you need look no further – the Chub RS Plus Comfy Chair is ideal for you.

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