Chub Rs-Plus Bivvy Overwrap

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Key Features

  • Size: 1 Man
  • 5000mm hydrostatic head
  • Roll up door with clear window
  • Roll back side panels
  • Shock-corded pegging points
  • Supplied with T-pegs and carry bag
  • Height: 1.3m/4.26ft, Width: 2.9m/9.52ft, Depth: 2.3m/7.54ft
  • Weight: 2.3kg/5.06lb
  • OVERWRAP ONLY! bivvy &shelter are sold separately

Chub Rs-Plus Bivvy Overwrap

If you’re an angler who likes to be able to tackle the bank no matter how cold the conditions are, then you need to invest in a high quality overwrap. An overwrap has the ability to transform your bivvy into a year round shelter that will keep you warm and dry in even the most wintery weather. After all, an angler who is warm, dry, and (ultimately) comfortable is always going to be more confident and catch more fish than the angler who is sat on the bank shuddering with cold and bleary eyed through lack of sleep. This is why it pays to add an overwrap to your existing bivvy setup; it opens up your angling opportunities and gives you the chance to tackle a full range of bankside conditions.

The Chub RS-Plus is already one of the fines bivvies on the market and this Chub RS-Plus Bivvy Overwrap really elevates it to a whole new level. Firstly, it is manufactured from the same high quality material as the original bivvy. This ensures that it is able to offer you a hydrostatic head rating of 5,000mm – a rating which proves that the bivvy is more than capable of withstanding the heaviest rain that Mother Nature can throw at it. This overwrap also increases the heat retaining properties of the bivvy. By adding a second skin to your bivvy you add a layer of insulation, trapping warm air between the twin skins in order to prevent cold from seeping through the fabric and into your bivvy. This insulating layer not only traps heat inside the bivvy but it also prevents the build up of condensation. Condensation forming on the inside of a bivvy is the bane of many anglers cold-weather angling, especially if it drips down and wakes you up in the night. An overwrap practically negates the risk of condensation and the layer of air trapped between the two bivvy skins actually prevents the formation of condensation.

What’s more, this overwrap is also 100% compatible with the Chub RS-Plus Shelter, too. This allows you to transform your day shelter into an all-night all-seasons system which is as ideal for a short session as it is for a longer one. One of the best features of the Chub RS-Plus Bivvy Overwrap is its roll back side panels. By rolling up the main door and tying back the side panels you are left with a completely open fronted shelter. This is ideal for your daytime use, when you want to sit in the shelter, protected from the elements, enjoying a full view over your swim. When night comes, you can simply peg down the front and you’ll be safely housed in a complete winter shelter system. This overwrap ensures that you can be incredibly versatile on the bank and it allows you to be able to respond to whatever the water (and weather) throws at you.

Not only does the door of the bivvy roll completely up but it also comes with a clear window infill option. This allows you to sit in the complete protection of your bivvy whilst still giving you a view over the water – allowing you to keep an eye on your rods in all conditions.

Once you’ve invested in the Chub RS-Plus Bivvy Overwrap all you need is a five season sleeping bag and a high quality bedchair to complete your winter carp fishing setup. Luckily, Chub’s range covers all bases, so you can ensure that not only are you warm and dry but also that all your gear matches perfectly.

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