Chub Rs-Plus Shelter

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Key Features

  • Rigid 3-section 16mm 6061 aluminium poles
  • 5000mm Hydrostatic head
  • Inline Tension bars
  • Detachable lightweight half groundsheet
  • Shock- corded pegging points
  • Supplied with T-pegs and Carry Bag
  • Transport size: Length 158cm Diameter 14cm

Chub Rs-Plus Shelter

Chub, founded in 1994, is one of the leading brands in the European Carp Angling scene. It has maintained a dedicated commitment to fish care ever since it began, and to this day it believes this element is the most important thing about the sport itself. It believes that fish care is essential for catching fish, so if you are an angler who is passionate about fish care and the protection of their environments, then this is a great company to invest in as you have shared values. By 2005, Chub joined up with the Hardy and Greys team, and gained access to a huge pro-team that work closely together to create the best quality terminal tackle available.

This Chub Rs-Plus Shelter is just one of the successful products that has come about thanks to hard work by their team. Its unique design makes it a pleasure to use down on the bank and brings you a sense of comfort when you are far away from your own bed at home. What’s more, it is roomy enough for you to fit a bedchair inside, so you can be protected from the unpredictability of UK weather and get a comfortable night’s sleep at the same time. Your overnight carp angling sessions will never be the same again and you will want to take this bivvy with you every single time.

We all know how temperamental UK weather can be, and this shelter is perfectly equipped for anything it may throw at you thanks to its brilliant design and features. This bivvy has a 5000m Hydrostatic head; this rating means that it is highly waterproof and able to keep out any drips even in heavy rain. 5000m is significantly higher than the minimum requirement, but Chub has gone the extra mile to ensure that both you and your gear will be able to stay dry even in the most adverse weather conditions. Having an overnight session on a rainy weekend will no longer be a bother when you have this shelter in your arsenal, you can enjoy the pleasures of fishing and stay warm and dry in this excellent bivvy.  

One of the many fantastic features of this bivvy is that it has a 2-pole 3-section frame, which means it is simple to setup, and even easier to transport when it is in your quiver or system sleeve. Having a reliable shelter is all well and good, but it’s not always worth it if it is a pain to carry down to the bankside. Luckily, due to its design, this bivvy will pose no challenge at all to transport down to the riverside. It measures 158cm in length and the diameter is 14cm. What’s more, it also comes supplied with a carry bag which makes it a breeze to carry down even when you are transporting the rest of your luggage as well.

To make your stay even more comfortable, this shelter is also supplied with a detachable lightweight half groundsheet.

Alongside these great features, there are also some extended storm side panels which will provide yet more protection from both the wind and the rain. With the combination storm side panels and the groundsheet, you will be protected from all angles from the weather outside.

This bivvy is perfect for both day sessions or summer overnights; it is equipped for anything. It comes supplied with shock-corded pegging points and T-pegs as well.

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