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Chub Vizor Lite Bivvy

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Key Features

  • Enhanced shaping for increased floor space
  • Utilising a split pole design to allow for bigger bedchairs
  • Unique four point single tension strap
  • Unique waterproof 'back draft' ventilation
  • Ability to open back panel from the inside
  • Removable 'zip out' front panel
  • Door has both Mozzi and clear options
  • Letter box style door capability
  • Mozzi mesh side panels
  • Full door overwrap available
  • CHUB's exclusive Climatex material
  • Includes heavy duty groundsheet, T-pegs and carrybag

Chub Vizor Lite Bivvy

If you want a lightweight and spacious bivvy that offers a small enough footprint to allow you to squeeze into the smallest swims then you need to invest in the Chub Vizor Lite Bivvy. Coming it at only 3.5kg (plus groundsheet and pegs), this bivvy is exceptionally lightweight. This makes it perfect for the angler who likes to keep mobile on the bank, as well as the angler who has to barrow a long distance between car and swim and who doesn’t want to be weighed down with unnecessary weight. Its low weight is partly due to its two rib system. Unlike many bivvies, these ribs operate completely separately and are not fixed together by a central system. This means that this bivvy can offer an exceptionally small pack down size whilst also maintaining a low weight and complete structural integrity. Tension poles that run along the top and down the rear of the bivvy provide additional support and a unique four point single tension strap completes the setup.

The two rib system also ensures that this bivvy can offer the perfect combination of interior space and small footprint. You can push your bedchair far back into this bivvy, which leaves you with tonnes of floor space for all your luggage, cooking equipment, and other essentials. Two break points in the ribs ensure that you can set this bivvy up in a brisk and hassle free manner – giving you more time to focus on your carp fishing.

The Chub Vizor Lite Bivvy has an incredibly versatile front setup. With dual zips you can have the entire front of the bivvy open in a letter box manner, allowing you to survey your swim whilst still remaining sheltered from the elements. These dual zips are heavy duty and incredibly easy to open, so should you need to respond to a take you can quickly lower the entire front in order to step out of your bivvy – without having to remove the pegging points. This enables you to use your bivvy as a complete open fronted shelter, whilst still giving you the freedom to quickly zip the bivvy shut should the wind change direction or the heavens open. The front panel of the bivvy also has a classic door, which offers a mozzie mesh, clear window, and olive waterproof fabric finish. The two side panels also come with a mozzie mesh or waterproof option. This means that in the warm summer months you can allow full ventilation through the bivvy whilst keeping it completely bug free – ensuring a peaceful and bite-free night’s sleep. The clear door front gives you the bonus of visibility, as well as allowing light in, whilst still keeping out the elements.

There is also an additional rear vented window. This has the option of a mozzie mesh or a full waterproof. These panels can be opened from either the outside of the bivvy or the inside. This means that should it begin raining in the night you don’t have to pull on boots and a waterproof just to shut your window. Instead you can simply zip up the window from inside your bivvy – keeping sleep disruptions to a minimum. This window can also be pegged on an open vent. This means that it remains completely waterproof whilst still allowing good airflow – ideal for hot and muggy nights when there is a strong chance of a rainstorm.

The Chub Vizor Lite Bivvy is manufactured from a top-of-the-range Climatex material, which is both waterproof and highly breathable. This material is exclusive to Chub and it ensures that condensation is kept to a minimum, even when you’re fishing without an overwrap (which is available to purchase separately).

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