Advanta Headtorches – Advanta Saturday

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Advanta Headtorches – Advanta Saturday

As anglers, Advanta knows daylight does not last forever, not even in the summer. There is nothing worse than trying to set up your fishing gear in low-level light conditions or being woken up after darkness has fallen whilst trying to reel in a catch when you cannot even see past the end of your nose. Fishing without decent lighting can be dangerous but if you equip yourself with a good fishing headtorch your path will always be lit so you do not accidentally trip on a bivvy peg or knock a rod into the water!

We, here at Angling Direct have some Advanta Head torches on promotion at the moment, so we thought we would list their great features here to make it easier for you to choose the perfect headtorch for you!

1) Advanta HT-190RB Rechargeable Headtorch

The Advanta HT-190RB is a rechargeable headtorch that can be used time and time again at the bankside without costing you a fortune in batteries. The inbuilt 1800mah Lithium-Ion battery powers the several LED settings this headtorch can offer. Choose from the three CREE XPG3-S3 white LED settings that vary brightness levels. When in the highest setting this light will provide 190 lumens of brightness!

Ideal for angler’s conscious of spooking fish, you can use the two red LED lights that are fitted either side of the white LED. The red lights also offer the same three lighting settings. Using the 190RB headtorch will provide you with 120m of beam distance right at your eye level so you can have your hands free to focus on your angling. You can also fit the headtorch to your preference with the five different position angle settings available.

In an environment-conscious community, this rechargeable headtorch means less waste as well as saving you, the angler, money on replacement batteries in the long run. When your power level starts to drop you will be warned by the battery meter on the device and you simply use the charging lead supplied to get some more juice.

The Advanta HT-190RB Rechargeable Headtorch is currently on a promotional price of £29.99.

2) Advanta HT-330B Headtorch

With the HT-330B Headtorch, you will be able to vary the brightness of the LED lights to match your needs, whether it is close range for bait mixing or far distance for the movement of your rig. With a beam coverage of 120m and a super bright setting of 330 lumens or high setting of 280 lumens, this Advanta headtorch is sure to meet the lighting needs of any night session angler.

The one CREE white LED is fitted in the centre of the torch and boasts four LED settings, where the two red LED’s are placed either side of the white light, sporting two LED settings for you to play around with using the smart switch to find your preference. You can further customise your light arrangement with the five-position angle settings. To avoid confusion with these setting options, the headtorch includes instructions inside its reusable protective casing.

Supplied with 3x AAA Duracell batteries, the torch is ready to go from the packet. The single, adjustable, elasticated strap will help the headtorch to be comfortably positioned, leaving your hands free for your fishing.

The Advanta HT-330B Headtorch is currently on a promotional price of £24.99.

3) Advanta HT-170B Headtorch

Ideal for the anglers fitting in a spot of fishing after work when the daylight starts to drop, the Advanta HT-170B Headtorch is an affordable lighting option that sports some great features for fishing in poor light conditions.

Made with one XPG white LED, the headtorch has three white LED settings. If white light is not what you are after, then there is also two red LED with settings, ideal for low-profile night fishing. The light itself reaches a high of 170 lumens and can reach a beam distance of up to 100m. The HT-170B also offers four angle settings to help with close range or further when moving the light beam.

The Advanta torch can be controlled via a smart switch and fitted to your head comfortably using the single adjustable elastic strap. It comes supplied with three AAA Duracell batteries so that you are ready to go. You can also keep this headtorch nice and safe in the reusable protective case that comes with it.

The Advanta HT-170B Headtorch is currently on a promotional price of £19.99.

4) Advanta HT-90B Headtorch

The Advanta HT-90B Headtorch is the perfect choice for night fishing sessions and winter evenings as it is a simple, stylish and easy to use headtorch. Powered by 3AAA batteries (not supplied), and featuring a single push button operation, the head torch is mounted on a comfortable, adjustable elasticated strap, which you’ll barely notice, even after a long night of active angling.

The HT-90B offers a run time of 7hrs on low beam whilst giving you multi-angle illumination, and a beam reach of 80metres. Boasting 90 lumens of brightness, this Advanta headtorch provides plenty of lighting for you to see the fish in the lake, and just as importantly, to see what you’re doing as you’re moving around on the bankside!

The high and medium white light beams, with the addition of a high and strobe red beam, the HT-90B headtorch offers tailored bankside illumination, while keeping your hands free to deal with the demands of your fishing.

The Advanta HT-90B Headtorch is currently on a promotional price of £14.99.

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