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Get On The Munch

Get your quarry on the munch with Munch Baits' dynamic range of particles and liquid bait flavours. Munch Baits is a brand that's all about flavour, performance, and all round angling success.

With something for every angling scenario, from specimen carp captures to mastering every match venue, Munch Baits are designed for the angler who likes to keep their fishing fresh, head out as often as possible, and know their bait will reliably catch the best fish going.

A bold, tasty bait range that will ensure you get more fish on the bank, whatever your angling discipline, and wherever you prefer to cast out, it's time to look on the bright side of bait creation and angling offerings, and get on the munch with Munch Baits.

Particular About Particles

It's time for the sun to come up on particle fishing.

With Munch Baits, particle fishing means three things: superior quality ingredients – if it's not top quality, it's not going in our bait range. Universal appeal – great for PVA bags, and designed for unlimited uses on all commercial venues, and natural ingredients, from raw krill and salmon, to quality rich, creamy scent attraction that works well at any temperature, and including spicy favourites like hot, tasty chilli, all designed to tempt those big, wary fish into your swim, and onto your hook.

Loving Our Liquid Choices

Available in a variety of flavours, these completely natural liquid baits are fully water soluble, working at any temperature to trigger instant feeding responses in all species, all year round, getting the best fish on the bank whenever and wherever you're fishing.

Ideal for PVA bags, these liquids use unique blending technologies to create irresistible appeal in all conditions, making them a go-to option for active match anglers, as well as an all round essential for targeting almost any species.

Modern Methods, Traditional Appeal

Munch Baits are designed to appeal to every angler, whether you're looking for the traditional impact of proven results, with the modern edge of natural, high intensity flavour and scent appeal.

Here at Angling Direct, we stock the full range of Munch Baits, so get on the munch at your local Angling Direct store, or order online.

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