Wednesday Review- Fox Black Label Dinky Bobbins

Fox International has added style to Carp Fishing by introducing the latest host of Black Label additions which not only perform superbly but will ensure your setup looks awesome. These dinky bobbins mimic the classic old-school look but have included features to fit the needs of the modern angler.

Coming quite large in size, the dinky bobbin offers quite a good bit of weight to them, 10g, to be precise. This puts your mind at ease for catching your fish quickly, without the carp bolting off with your bait. There is also an internal weight which is fully removable which is down to whether you are mid-range fishing or long-range. If you are fishing mid-range, take the weight out inside as you will not need as much weight, but if you are fishing at greater distances, stick the weight in so it is slightly heavier. Those longer ranges need strong bite registration because there is so much more distance between your alarm and your rig. The Black Label range allows you to modify the weight to the indication is clear, especially when receiving drop backs.

The Dinky Bobbins are available in a range of seven opaque, eye catching colours so you can choose from black, purple, blue, red, green, white and orange and cleverly include two transparent isotope windows to let the bobbins light up during an over night stay at the swim. Fox have designed the dinky bobbin to work with Black Label Micro Isotopes that fit nicely into the injection moulded main body of the bobbin.

Because inserting isotypes or attaching glow sticks to your bobbin may be fiddly business, Fox have made it nice and easy for even the most cumbersome of anglers. The unique indented cap of the bobbin is in fact removable, allowing the isotopes to be inserted with ease. You can also perfectly align the line clip and isotope windows to your satisfaction. So, if the pre-assembled bobbin kit does not tickle your fancy, the customisation and option to tweak specifics such as isotopes or line clips surely conjures a desire to try this piece of tackle.

The bobbins also come fitted with a six-inch black chain and a moulded, line friendly pivoting ball line clip. Perfect for the heavier of bobbins, the line clip is suitable for use with large diameter monofilament and fluorocarbon line through to the thinnest diameter braided main lines. Fox generously include a black hockey stick that securely connects the bobbin to the bankstick or buzzer arrangement.

Fox offers the range to be fully customisable of colour, modifying weight, isotopes, changing the chains or hockey stick. So, make sure you are ready to go chase some carp with the help of a classic style bobbin with a modern twist. An impeccable way to enhance any set up.

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