Tackle Tuesday- Mainline Sticky Syrups

With many commercial fisheries insisting that you use their own pellets nowadays, it can be hard to gain an advantage over your match competitors if you’re all feeding the same bait. This is where you need to get creative, changing the smell, flavour and colour of your hookbait or the offerings which you pack your feeder with could be enough to give you the edge over your bankside peers and win you the match.

Already one of the nations favourite bait providers, Mainline Baits have a solution to your search for a competitive edge, Match Carp and Course Sticky Syrups are a fantastic way to enhance your bait and increase attraction to your swim.

Available in six flavours; Activ-8, Peppered Tuna, Cell, Strawberry Tutti, Frankfurter Sausage and Black Molasses there is a flavour for all manner of water parameters and weather conditions, also in the range is a pellet enhancer oil.

The Sticky Syrups are ideal for enhancing pellets but are just as effective when used in conjunction with groundbait or spod mixes. The mixture is denser than water and as a result, once on the lakebed your bait will emit a cloud of amino acids, natural sugars and palletants which will suspend outwards along the lakebed, creating an irresistible medley of flavour, smell and a subtle change in the baits colour.

A further advantage to using Mainline Sticky Syrups is the enhanced adhesive effect when compared to other flavourings, the stickiness ensures baits can be fed at a greater depth, as they take longer to breakup in the water and therefore will reach a greater depth before dispersing.

There are several other noteworthy points regarding Sticky Syrups; due to natural flavourings it is impossible to overload your bait as there will be no dangerous build up of chemicals, Mainline Syrups are PVA friendly, increasing its flexibility and making it more appealing to the carp discipline, and finally, the Syrups are sold in 250ml screw top bottles, each of which will most likely last you multiple matches.

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