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Tackle Tuesday... Sonik Tournos 10000 Reel

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Tackle Tuesday... Sonik Tournos 10000 Reel

Sonik Tournos 10000 Reel Review

We’ve never met a Goth on the bank but, if we did, we’re sure they would be using the new Sonik Tournos 10000; they’re very dark and moody.

I’m sure that we are all aware that flashy tackle doesn’t put more or bigger Carp on the bank, but it doesn’t hurt to look good.

The new Tournos 10000 from Sonik certainly fits that bill with its all black finish – it’s very Dark Knight Rises! However, it doesn’t just look good, it is also full of great features that you would expect from a company like Sonik.

Reel technology is continually moving on leaps and bounds and these days there is a bewildering choice available. As a consequence of this, looks play a major part in a Carp angler’s decision-making process.


It’s body is made from high-strength carbon composite and it has a 8+1 stainless-steel shielding bearings. It has an instant anti-reverse system and a long cast angled spool lip. The main drive shaft is made from dual-strength stainless steel and a worm drive, which gives perfect line lay.

The rapid drag system is very efficient and smooth, allowing you to change from free spool to fighting drag very quickly and easily.

A good line-friendly line clip is essential on modern reels and the Tournos has two spring-loaded clips that very much meet this need.

A rotor lock system engages when you open the bail arm, which is titanium coated for added strength. It is supplied with two spools.


All in all, the Tournos is not only a stunning reel that will definitely appeal to the angler who wants to look good on the bank but, when you take a more technical and in-depth look at it, is a very serious bit of kit.

The Verdict Not just a pretty face; a serious big pit contender.

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