Thursday Focus- Daiwa Hydrolastic

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Thursday Focus- Daiwa Hydrolastic

Daiwa Hydrolastic

With a completely hollow construction, this patented pole elastication system from Daiwa is a pole angling essential that no match angler should be without.

Perfect for well-stocked commercials that offer a variety of species, this single set up elastic gives you a range of elastic weightings, allowing effortless tailoring of your tackle, techniques, and approach to bring in the results you want.

Available in a variety of sizes and colours, this is tailored performance at its very best, and it’s easy to see why Daiwa patented their unique Hydrolastic system when it first hit the market. This patented design assures anglers that, when you buy Hydrolastic from Daiwa, you are getting the best possible performance quality, from a brand with a commitment to exceeding expectations, and meeting the needs of the most demanding angling lifestyles.

Customers love the fact that the smaller elastics can handle anything from a little gudgeon to the odd small carp, making them a good choice for juniors just getting into pole fishing, too.

Key Features

-Ideal for mixed-species commercials

- Range of weightings in a single presentation

- Available in a variety of sizes and colours

- Patented design for the best possible performance

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