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Thursday Focus- Korum Barbel Rods

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Thursday Focus- Korum Barbel Rods

For those that love to chase Barbel, Korum have the perfect selection of Barbel Rods to complete upgrade your gear and enhance your performance at the riverbank.

Korum tackle is known for its dedication to design for the modern pleasure and specialist angler, offering top quality products that will help transform your fishing for the better. From pleasure angling on day ticket 'commercial' fisheries through to serious specimen fishing on still waters and rivers, Korum want to provide product that are easy to use, practical, and good value for money.

The last series of Korum barbel rods was released eight years ago. Many anglers swear by those rods still to this day but it is safe to say the last eight years have been spent improving not only the cosmetics of the rods but upgrading the action too.

Thse Korum Barbel rods have been customised to suit the needs of the modern big-fish river angler. Perfect for chasing big barbel, these functional tools offer powerful action of the rods that are ideal for big feeders, long rigs, and so making sure you can extract those big fish. adding barbel to your trophy bank.

In this Korum barbel rod range there are four models starting with the super powerful 13ft rod with 2.5lbs casting weight, great for casting long distances with big feeders and suggests a maximum casting weight 8oz and line rating 10-18lb.

There are two 12ft rods, one at 1.75lbs casting weight, the other at 2lbs. The lighter casting weight is a superb all-rounder, with a maximum casting weight 5oz and line rating of 8-15lb, where the heavier casting weights 12ft rod are great for casting big weights on larger rivers with a maximum casting weight of 6oz and line rating of 10-18lb.

Last but not least, the more subtle 11ft rod with a 1.75lb casting weight, this rod is more than powerful for the demands in the smaller rivers and big fish.

The improved range includes a wealth of features to make the perfect barbel experience. It is more than just bang on cosmetics with white tips for bite detection and really strong tough SIC lined rod guides. Also, the top of all the rods features an anti-frap tip guide which means your line will not get caught around the tip, this is perfect for when making big casts, with big feeders.

The rod features a screw in reel seat as opposed to the chunky KB rub features on the older barbel rods. The screw reel seat offers security and easy assembly, getting you fishing quicker and more confidently. Additionally, the whole rod packs down into two equal pieces great for commuting in the rod holdall but also a quick more secure set up of that test curve.

The upgraded barbel rods vaunt a full real core of slim cork handles. The cord is completely solid, othering you perfect grip and as many of you may have found, cork handles tend to be a lot lighter than foam ones. The cork material also maintains residual heat in cooler temperatures, perfect for when you go out for session in the chilly winter.

The new Korum Barbel rods certainly preserves the Korum name by covering you for almost anything that river fishing can induce.

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