Thursday Focus- Fox EOS 10,000 Pro Reel

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Thursday Focus- Fox EOS 10,000 Pro Reel

A high-quality reel, or three, is a must when on a carp session. The reel must encourage accuracy in your casting, be robust enough to handle the largest carp and look the part.

Based on the original EOS 10,000 Reel, the Fox EOS 10,000 Pro Reel builds on the success of its predecessor with considerable upgrades.

Visually, the reel is relatively lowkey, all black with subtle Fox branding and a dark wooden look handle and carbon detailing on the clutch, all in all a smart looking reel.

Fox have optimised the reel for a super slow oscillation, giving the EOS reel immaculate line lay and enhancing the distance you can achieve on cast. Coupled with a high-quality, line-friendly line clip the EOS 10,000 is the perfect tool to wrap up and cast to a pre-determined spot on the horizon, especially when paired with a cast friendly line such as Fox Exocet.

Mechanically, the Fox EOS reel runs on a 9 ball bearing system and has a gear ratio of 5.5:1, but the new features, including a rotor brake and a one-piece free flow bail arm are what sets the reel apart from its predecessors.

The reel features a free spool facility and a free spool tension knob at the rear of the reel.

Weighing in at just 526g the EOS reel is incredibly light 10,000 reel, with a line capacity of 0.33mm/320m, 0.35mm/260m.

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