Wednesday Review- Aqua Pioneer Bivvy

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Wednesday Review- Aqua Pioneer Bivvy

The Aqua Pioneer bivvy, one of the most sought-after shelters on the market is back and, after listening to users, this time its available in a very carpy DPM print.

All the old features that made the Pioneer 100 so revered are present or have been improved upon, staying true to the design of the original is something that was of paramount importance. The 100 sizing remains the same, essentially a one man design with ample room for a bedchair and storage.

Aqua’s patented exoskeleton brolly design is again utilised on the brand new Pioneer 100, meaning assembly is straight forward and ultra-quick, saving you time on arrival at the bank, a trait which has become synonymous with Aqua bivvies over the years.

To erect the Pioneer, simply insert two erection poles into the restructured and redesigned block and push the erection poles towards each other and the brolly hood design will almost construct itself!

The redesign of the central block has the secondary benefit of allowing for the creation of a porch, complete with dual rod straps allows you to sit on your bedchair and re-bait your rigs.

With two rear vents and three front panel vents the Pioneer is a highly breathable bivvy, especially when you consider its size. On really warm days the front panel is removable, giving you a full panorama view of your chosen swim, ideal when you’re trying to nick a bite by casting to showing carp.

The stylish DPM fabric is Aquatexx®, which is super waterproof, breathable and hydrophobic to the point where you can see water droplets running off the peak.

The Aqua DPM Pioneer 100 is supplied with; a ground sheet, heavy duty carry bag, green twin shot moulded T-pegs, four quick sticks, two erection poles, clear window options for the vents and a wrap is available separately.

If you’re looking for a quick erect, short session bivvy built to some of the highest standards within the industry, then look no further, the Pioneer 100 is the ideal bivvy for you.

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