Wednesday Review- Daiwa Prorex 18 V & X LT Reels

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Wednesday Review- Daiwa Prorex 18 V & X LT Reels

The Daiwa Prorex is an established range of high-tech innovation and excellence that is designed to give predator anglers the equipment, skills, and style to proactively seek out the kings of the predator world.

The Prorex 18 V LT and 18 X LT reels both offer amazing power to punch out those lures and to handle the battle of a major catch. The LT series stands for light and tough as both reels offer a light machine cut aluminium handle, DS5 body and packs strength with its graphite rotor and tough Digigear mechanics.

Daiwa is known for making reels with great technology and the Prorex range are no different. The reels of the 18 V and X LT series boast ATD drag to ensure you are able to play fish with confidence as well as a ABS spool to ensure you remain in control. The line control is also assisted with the latest generation of line clip and air bail arm.

The 18 X LT comes in four sizing options of 3000-C, 4000-C, 2000 and 2500 whereas the slightly more expensive Daiwa Prorex 18 V LT reel comes in three sizing options of 3000-C, 4000-C and 2500-XH.

Performance aside, the Prorex 18 V and X LT reels are both aesthetically pleasing with the black and purple theme, offering something different from the other anglers predator fishing this season.

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