Wednesday Review... Daiwa TD ZR1 Plus Pole

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Wednesday Review... Daiwa TD ZR1 Plus Pole

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Pole fishing doesn't have to be an expensive pastime, as the quality of the new range of Daiwa TDZR poles proves.

When you think of Daiwa you think of top-quality design and performance and you'll also think that there will be a price tag to reflect this. However, the companies ZR1 Plus pole proves that you don't have to pay big bucks to get Daiwa performance.

The TDZR range features a number of improvements over its predecessors, including pre-bore power kits, allowing for what Daiwa describes as the 'preferred application of pulling kit inserts'.


Daiwa has also introduced a slide easy finish, right down to the No.5 section, while every pole section has been color coded with easy to locate alignment arrows.

The TDZR1 Plus comes with a reversible mini extension that fits the No.8 and No.9 sections, allowing you to tailor the poles finished length.

There aren't many better poles out there for the money.

Team Daiwa ZR1 Plus Supplied With…

- One match kit fitted - Two pre-bore ready power top twos - Cupping kit, supplied with cups - Reversible mini extension for No.8 to butt - Supplied in a pole holdall with tubes

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