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Wednesday Review- MonkeyClimber Clothing

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Wednesday Review- MonkeyClimber Clothing

Fishing Clothing, for carp anglers in particular, has gone under a bit of a remodelling in recent years with the diverse, youthful fishing brands keeping the modern angler in mind when designing its clothing. You could quite easily use those fishing t-shirts and hoodies for much more than a session at the bank as many are rather quirky and fashionable that it easily meets the demands of highstree fashion.

A rather young fishing company, from Belgium is one of many to offer anglers with rousing and radical clothing. Born in 2010, Monkey Climber started with the mission to provide great carp and specimen content through the magazine format and with the success of this magazine that brand debuted into the fishing market with some stylish carp clothing designed by its team. The MC crew go by the motto ‘we don't fake it, we just take it!’ displaying the brands passion for providing useful merch to the angling community.

The Monkey Climber Streetwise Hoodie was the brands first ever design which was made exclusive for the Monkey Climber Crew to wear at shows and on open days. After the MC crew discovered an obvious demand from anglers for the hoodie Monkey Climber decided to make it available to all anglers, leading to the expansion of their now vast majority of fishing attire that can be spotted all over Europe.

All the MC clothing features exceptional artwork, whether it Is the Monkey Climber Logo or the ‘Tails of Friendship’ art which included an x-ray of a carp’s tail! There is a lot of art designs that are limited edition so once it is gone, it is gone.

The Monkey Climber clothing that we stock, here at Angling Direct, offers a range of T-shirts, hoodies and headwear. The Monkey Climber snapbacks and beanies are very popular for when protective the hair and head and would deem useful in the upcoming cooler months approaching the UK!

Monkey Climber is a brand bursting with innovative designs and art that provides a refreshing twist on carp and specimen merch.

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