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Wednesday Review... Shimano Aero Technium MGS XTB

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Wednesday Review... Shimano Aero Technium MGS XTB

Shimano Aero Technium MGS XTB Review

Fishing at long distances has moved on in leaps and bounds and one of the main reasons is the advancement in reel technology.

Long range casting is about generating the maximum speed possible to the lead.

The majority of big-pit reels tend to be quite heavy and the weight will reduce the speed that you can generate during the cast. This is where the Aero Technium comes into its own.

The body and rotor arm are made from magnesium, which dramatically reduces the weight of the reel to a very impressive 500g.

To improve casting even more it has Super Slow Oscillation and Aero Wrap II, which gives you perfect line lay. The X-Ship gearing gives you maximum winding power, even when playing a very large, strong Carp.


As you would expect from a reel in this price bracket, it has eight shielded ball bearings and one roller bearing.

The Baitrunner II spool only has to be adjusted a half turn for free spool engagement, which makes it very easy to use. You also get a spare cold-forged-aluminium spool.

The overall look of the reel is very sexy indeed and will satisfy even the most outrageous tackle tarts!

Okay, this reel isn’t cheap. However if you take your long range fishing seriously then you should definitely consider investing in a set.

The Verdict The Rolls-Royce of reels; you will not be disappointed!



The benchmark in carp fishing reels.

Every single component incorporates the best technology available.

Super slow 2 speed oscillation lays line unbelievably close to the next, ensuring that the line leaves the spool with minimum friction, adding yards to any cast.

A silky smooth fast adjustment drag combined with Baitrunner Spool II, 9 shielded Anti-Rust bearings, a one piece bail arm and equipped with a slim profile folding handle which when paired with the X Ship Cold forged gearing, delivers unrivalled cranking power. An understated matt black finish really makes this reel stand out from the competition, but the biggest feature of this reel is the weight, or the lack of it...

Everything has been lightened so that maximum power can be converted to the cast. Also supplied with a spare spool.



- The benchmark in carp fishing reels - Uses the best technology available - Super slow 2 speed oscillation - Unbelievable line lay - Silky smooth, fast adjustable drag - Baitrunner II spool - Nine shielded anti rust bearings - Slim profile folding handle - X Ship cold forged gears - Understated matt black finish - Supplied with a spare spool

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