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Wednesday Review - Trakker Propel & Defy Spod/Marker Rods

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Wednesday Review - Trakker Propel & Defy Spod/Marker Rods

Reviewed by Carpology Magazine… Carpology-Logo-Blog

Trakker has now moved on from bivvies, beds, bags and general cooking equipment and are launching two rods: The Propel and The Defy

The Big Questions

Say what?! Trakker are now selling rods? They are indeed, but don’t confuse The Propel and The Defy with your general fishing rods; these have been designed with just two things in mind: markering and spodding.

Ahh, I see… So what’s the difference between the two? The Propel is stiffer, which means it recovers quicker than its younger brother, so you’ll be able to launch your marker/Spomb further. Cosmetically they differ quite a bit: The Propel has a full shrink handle with a DPS reel seat and black fittings, whilst The Defy has an abbreviated handle with DNPS reel seat and silver fittings.


What about the spec? They both have a test curve of 4.5lb, are both available in two lengths: 12 and 13ft, come with a varnish finish, and feature Trakker’s own tried and tested rings which includes an anti-frap tip ring. To give the Propel that extra stiffness, Trakker have used 36T carbon on the tip section and +30T on the butt, whilst on the Defy it’s 30T and +24T.


So these aren’t just an off-the-shelf product then? Most certainly not. A big chunk of the Trakker team, which includes Jerry Bridger, Adam Reed, Chris Holmes, played a part in both their design and the thorough testing.

With so many spod/marker rods on the market, why should I buy these? Simple: incredible performance at an unrivalled price point, coupled with sleek styling. And you only need to buy one rod for both spodding and markering work.

Key Features - Powerful fast-taper blank - Delivering incredible casting performance - Capable in the right hands to spod and mark at the longest ranges - Quick tip recovery aiding distance and accuracy - Designed for bait delivery, marker work - Or as a long-range fishing rod - Whipped 1ft and 2ft depth markers - Shrink wrap abbreviated handle - Aluminium alloy collar - 50mm butt ring and anti-frap tip ring - Whipped 1ft and 2ft depth markers - Fuji DPS reel seat - Laser etched butt cap - Soft cotton rod bag

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