What Seatbox Accessories Do I Need? Fishing Seat Box Accessories Explained

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What Seatbox Accessories Do I Need? Fishing Seat Box Accessories Explained

Seatboxes are a great piece of kit not only for storage solutions on the bank but for somewhere to rest when a fishing chair is not an option. As great as seatboxes are, they can be upgraded and tailored to your fishing habits and tactics to make a session even more successful.

This guide will explain all the types of Seatbox Accessories available and when you might consider buying and attaching one to your beloved seatbox. 


Side Trays

An attachment to your seat box, side trays are hugely versatile and they can be used for a whole host of reasons on the dock, such as on-bank rigging stations, a baiting station, or for storing all your odds. We also stock a whole host of side trays in a range of sizes and material, although you tend to get plastic and metal options. The metal side trays are slightly heavier, although they are generally more durable with a grated base that allows any water to drain away.


Feeder Arms

The feeder arm (feeder rest) is designed to hold your sea fishing rod out from your seat box, allowing flexibility of using your feeder rod as well as your pole when you are out sea fishing. We recommend that you look for one with dual attachment points to prevent the elements from disrupting its sturdiness. We also stock telescopic feeder arms that are easy to transport and enables you to modify the length of the rod rest on the water!


Brolly Arms

Brolly arm is absolutely vital for the angler who finds themselves fishing in rainy or otherwise inclement weather conditions and are essential for all British sea anglers! Brolly arms are designed to attach to the leg of your seat box on one end and around the pole of your brolly on the other, holding your umbrella firmly in position, even in blustery conditions. An umbrella in both hot or cold conditions ensures that we can sit out on the bank in complete comfort, protected from the most extreme of the sun’s heat, or rain.


Footplates and Back Rests

You can modify your seat box system with footplates to ensure that you could keep your feet dry in a range of conditions, away from the waves rushing in, so you can enjoy your session. Backrests are a much more modern addition to the seat box system to help those anglers that suffer from back problems to ensure that you can fish in complete comfort at all times.


Telescopic Legs

These allow anglers to swap out regular fixed seatbox legs to adjustable legs. Having these means you can cater the height of the seat box to the venue and tide that you may be fishing. It is even a great idea to have adjustable legs so that when loaning a seatbox to another angler (a junior perhaps?) that you can tailor it to their height.


We also feature a full range of locking nuts, handwheels, spare connecting bars, and clips to ensure that you’re able to modify your box to suit your needs. 

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