ESP Camo Shorts

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Key Features

  • Zipped pockets
  • Hidden cargo pockets
  • Elasticated waistband
  • Camo design
  • Classic ESP logo
  • Heavyweight 60/40 poly cotton
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Since 1999, The ESP brand has been enjoyed by an avid following of anglers. Prior to the ESP brand name launched, the company had a number of different names that were kicked around, but it was actually an off the cuff remark from Terry Hearn, a long time consultant for the brand, which inspired the final name. The initials literally stand for Extra Sensory Perception – or ‘sixth sense’. ESP specializes in carp fishing and is best known for its feeder fishing innovations, but the range includes everything a carp angler's heart desires from catapults to clothing.

The ESP clothing has you covered for the warmer months with these camo shorts. Made from the same material as the ESP joggers, the shorts are the perfect length to cover enough of your leg to protect you from the rigours for carp angling whilst short enough to let your legs breathe in the humid climate.

These jogger type shorts come down to roughly the knee area, tending to be a little longer than usual short length, ESP is keeping your knees and waist protected when moving about the swim. The shorts are made from the camouflage pattern that carp anglers love. Keeping you hidden when near the edge of the bank. The short is also made of a 60/40 poly cotton combinations. This means the fabric brings the breathable, hypoallergic properties of cotton to the durable, water-resistant features of polyester.

The shorts are comfortable thanks to the forgiving material and allow you to bend and stretch without restriction. The waistband is elasticated to give you room when you go from standing to crouching as you land a carp in your net. The waist is also adjusted using the cord that you can tighten, helping to secure the waist in place.

A great feature of the shorts is their hidden cargo pockets, these are located on the lower thigh of your leg. These are closed with a covering flap and are ideal for tools and accessories for tweaking your rigs. The short has an additional two more pockets higher in the legs that are fastened with a zip. These pockets are pretty deep and are great for zipping away from your phone or keys so that they do not fall out when you are crouching.

The shorts are available in a range of size options from Medium  (waist: 28 - 43in), Large (waist: 29 - 44in),  XL  (waist: 31 - 46in) and 2XL  (waist: 32 - 47in).

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