Fortis Bays Switch Brown Sunglasses

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Key Features

  • Switch = a lens that changes with the light levels
  • It has superb contrast definition
  • Perfect for low light right through to bright light conditions
  • Will darken when it is bright or lighten when it is dark
Fortis Bays Switch Brown Sunglasses, Your eyes are one of your most vital weapons on the bank and there is no sense in compromising them due to poor eyewear. Most anglers will, by now, know the incredible benefits of a good quality pair of sunglasses. However, not many anglers will go to the lengths to bring different pairs of glasses down to the bank in order to respond to the changes light levels – and we don’t blame them! Not only bringing one or two spare pairs of sunglasses down to the bank only add one or two more items onto a incredibly long list of ‘things to remember’ but it also means that you’ve got one or two more items to misplace in the car, at work, or in your luggage. This is where the Fortis Bays Switch Brown Sunglasses really come into their own. In neutral light the lenses begin in a light amber colour, with a category two light filter. As the sunlight becomes more intense the lenses change tone until they have a category three light filter and are dark brown in colour. They are able to change accurately and quickly due to their sensitive molecular construction. These molecules react to ultraviolet light, changing shape and colour in order to block intense UV rays. As the light level increases the lenses will darken and as the light level lowers they will lighten again. This means that you can wear these glasses whilst setting up your bivvy at dawn, whilst stalking a personal best fish at midday, and whilst sitting back in your chair at dusk. The lenses in the Fortis Bays Switch Brown Sunglasses also incorporate the brand’s excellent X-Bloc technology. This is a reflective coating that offers additional glare block, further enhancing your vision on especially bright days. The frame of the glasses has a 22 degree wrap angle. This reduces the amount of side light you suffer from to a minimum. The frames also use zero hinge technology to reduce the weight of the glasses and the Fortis Bays Switch Brown Sunglasses perform well above their price point.
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