Fox Royale Classic Bivvy Overwrap

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Key Features

  • Ideal for reducing condensation
  • Keeps you warmer during the colder months
  • Completely waterproof and durable
  • Ultra-durable stitching throughout

Fox Royale Classic Bivvy Overwrap

If you’re an angler who is fed up with long and cold sleepless nights then chances are it is high time you thought about investing in an overwrap for your bivvy. For the proud Fox Royale Classic owner, this is the overwrap you need to keep you warm when the temperature drops. Once thought to be the preserve of anglers who couldn’t cope with a bit of a chill, overwraps are now seen as a tackle essential for the year-round carp fishing fanatic. It is a well known fact that being warm and comfortable on the bank will ensure that you are able to perform to the very best of your ability. Getting a good night’s sleep and ensuring that you’re well rested for the day of angling ahead is crucial to this. If you’re an angler who likes to target the bank in all weather conditions then a quality bivvy with its match wrap, such as the Fox Royale Classic and Fox Royale Classic Bivvy Overwrap, is an essential angling combination.

The Fox Royale Classic Bivvy Overwrap pulls snugly over the Fox Royal Classic. This traps a thin layer of air between the outer skin of the overwrap and the inner skin of the bivvy, which adds a layer of insulation that helps to preserve heat within the bivvy. The insulating layer ensures that you are kept warm during the colder months, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep wrapped in your five season sleeping bag. Not only this but, because the overwrap helps the bivvy to maintain heat, the overwrap also helps to reduce the risk of condensation. Condensation forms when the water vapour we breathe out in our sleep hit a cold surface, causing the vapour to bead into water droplets. By increasing the temperature of the bivvy, in particular the temperature of the inner bivvy skin, this limits the risk of condensation to a minimum.

However, the Fox Royale Classic Bivvy Overwrap isn’t only for use in the colder winter months. It is also ideal for the angler who likes to go on longer summer sessions, taking additional gear down to the bank to see them through. This is because the original bivvy is fitted with a storm peak so, when the overwrap skin is pulled over it, it forms a useful front porch area. This gives you a precious few inches of additional storage space, allowing you to take extra gear down to the bank without sacrificing any of the internal space of the bivvy. The porch area is ideal for storing your deconstructed barrow, bait buckets, and any other tackle items that don’t need to be cluttering up the inside of your bivvy. What’s more, since the overwrap does not have a door infill, you can have you Fox Royale Classic Bivvy in mosquito vent mode to enjoy the full effects of a summer breeze.

The Fox Royale Classic Bivvy Overwrap is manufactured from the same high quality waterproof material as the original Fox Royale Classic Bivvy. Featuring ultra-durable double stitching throughout, this is a hard wearing overwrap which will see you through your bivvy’s lifetime of service on the bank. In short, if you’re looking for a high quality, high performance overwrap to keep you warm and your bivvy condensation free in the cold months, and to provide additional storage space year round, then you can’t go wrong with the Fox Royale Classic Bivvy Overwrap.

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