Fox Sure Grip Butt Rest

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Key Features

  • Innovative new butt rest
  • Spring loaded power grip ears
  • Ranges from 10.5 - 25.5mm diameter
  • Fits Duplon Rod Butts
  • Fits Cork Rod Butts
  • Fits Abreviated Rod Butts

Ever since its launch in 1999, ESP has had a following of avid carp anglers using and trusting its products. The brand originally specialised in terminal tackle, but has since branched out to clothing such as this Waterproof Digital Camo Jacket. Every product in its ranges is made to specification and absolutely nothing is bought off the shelf, so you can be confident that any ESP product will do exactly what it says on the tin. Dedicated angling experts make up an important part of its design teams which gives each and every one of its products the edge that only passionate fishermen can give.

If you’re one of the many anglers across the nation who enjoys being on the bankside no matter how windy and wet the weather becomes, then this is the waterproof jacket for you. It has a phenomenal hydrostatic rating of 25,000, making it completely waterproof. It has a higher waterproof rating than many top end flotation suits and premier quality bivvy skins, there’s no doubt that this camo jacket will keep you bone dry even when its pouring with rain. Any angler who likes to face the elements on the regular basis will benefit from this excellent quality Waterproof Digital Camo Jacket.

Having a superior waterproof rating is important in waterproof jackets, however breathability is a huge factor too, especially if you are an active angler. Fortunately, this ESP jacket has a breathability rating of 10,000, so you can keep dry and stay comfortable at the same time. At 10,000, its rating is more than three times the breathability rating on most standard waterproof jackets, making it the most practical and wearable waterproof available on the market today. With this breathability, you definitely won’t overheat even if you are someone who does in the coldest of weather. It is unlikely to leave you damp from sweat, setting it apart from other jackets with lower breathability. With this jacket, you can enjoy a pleasant session of carp fishing comfortably dry.

This jacket boasts many qualities simply attributing to the fact that it is made from nylon fabric. This provides it with extra tough rip stop which prevents any premature wear and tear so that you can make the most of your ESP waterproof jacket for even longer. The premium quality of its material truly shows when you can carry heavy luggage without any fear of rips or tears. Its resilience is astounding and will see you through many trips to and from the bank, especially as the fabric is also easy to move around in and it has reinforced shoulders.  What’s more, nylon has a high resistance to insects so it will significantly reduce the chance of you getting a nasty bug bite which is always a plus.

Another superb feature of this jacket is the high quality YKK zip. No longer will you have to unnecessarily waste time struggling with a difficult zip as this one is easy and quick to zip and unzip. With this jacket, you can get straight to your bite alarm in no time and with no hassle. The zip also has a central rain gutter and storm flap which will provide you with extra protection from rain and heavy wind that may come your way on your angling adventures.

Adjustability is a huge factor of this waterproof. It has adjustable cuffs with internal neoprene wrist bands which will prevent any cold draughts or dampness from making its way up your sleeves and providing you with extra warmth and a more comfortable fit. With the adjustable fitted hood, you can tailor this jacket to fit perfectly around you and retain as much heat as possible on cold days at the bank. The two hand warmer pockets make for a neat finishing touch. 

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