Gemini Genie Rig Clip

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Key Features

  • Quick and easy lead link
  • incorporating a bait clip that places the bait close to the weight.
  • 15 Rig clips per pack

Gemini Genie Rig Clip, 

Gemini is a brand which has been committed to the production of top end sea fishing tackle since the brand was established in 1991. Founded by husband and wife team Tony and Lyn Caton, whose family still manages the company, the brand is uniquely connected to the UK’s sea fishing industry and all product developments are driven by anglers around the UK’s coastline – whether they’re fishing from the beach, from their boats, or off a cliff or pier. The brand is most famous for its stellar range of terminal tackle, all of which is designed and manufactured right here in the UK. This Genie Rig Clip is no exception.

Designed to complement the rest of the terminal tackle products in the Gemini Genie range – although it is ideal for mixing and matching with whichever rig bits you usually use – the Genie Rig Clip ensures that your rig construction is every bit as enjoyable as your angling. After all, there is nothing more rewarding than bringing in a fish on a rig of your own creation – especially if you’ve gone through hours of trials and tests in order to reach this kind of perfection. However, no matter how much effort you put into the design of your rig, it is only ever as good as the sum of its parts! Using top end components, such as this Genie Rig Clip, ensures that you’re able to fish with confidence in your gear.

This Genie Rig Clip has been designed for use as a lead link. This ensures that it is ideal for linking any leads or other weights to your rig, so you can modify the rate at which your rig moves through the water or else pin it to the sea bed when you’re fishing through surf and swell. However, this isn’t all the rig clip is ideal for. It has been designed so that it also incorporates a bait clip, too. This ensures that you can peg your bait close to the weight, giving you the kind of compact setup that you require when you’re sea fishing. If you’re looking to get perfect presentation throughout your time on the coast then you need look no further – the Genie Rig Clip is ideal for you.

Over a quarter of a century after its first revolutionary product was released, Gemini remains a family business; recently, the company have welcomed in the third generation of the Caton family. When Tony and Lyn’s sons first joined the business, a new wave of innovation was born. This included products such as the Knotless Ready Rigs, Snood Clips, and these Genie Clips. This latest generation to join the business is sure to spawn new innovation, so remember to keep on the look out for the latest Gemini products to join the growing catalogue. The company ethos of creating tackle that you can rely on has remained true from day one, when Tony first designed his revolutionary Sinker System, and these Genie Rig Clips certainly remain true to this.

The Gemini Rig Clips are supplied in packets of 15. This means that you get five rig clips free in each packet, making them excellent value for money, too. 

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