Greys GTS500 Fly Reel

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Key Features

  • Features a full die-cast construction
  • Unique line ID system, with coloured pegs supplied
  • Captive spool release screw
  • Large arbor design
  • Dual rulon disc drag system
  • Tool less left to right conversion
  • New clear modified polycarbonate cassette spool
  • Supplied with 2 additional spools in neoprene reel case
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Greys GTS500 Fly Reel

Modelled on the original GTS700, this GTS500 features many of the same fantastic technologies that made the GTS700 so incredibly popular – this time in a full die-cast construction. This gives the reel an additional rigidity that enables you tackle all of the fish you desire with complete confidence in the structural integrity of the reel. The cassette spool ahs also been modified for the GTS500 and is completely clear. This gives the reel a slick modern appearance that ensures it will look world class on any of Greys’ top end fly rods.

The reel has been fitted with a captive spool release screw that allows for easy interchange of spool and the Greys GTS500 also comes supplied with two additional spools as standard. This allows for complete bankside flexibility when you need it the most, as you can load up your additional reels with other fly line options and easily and quickly swap them in or out on the bank. This allows you to respond to the changing picture on the water with confidence and agility, ensuring that you can make the most of your time fly fishing. What’s more, the GTS500 also comes with Greys’ unique line identification system – with the full range of coloured pegs supplied. This ensures that you never load up your reel with the wrong line and allows you to quickly and easily identify the different line you’ve preloaded on your spool for confusion free angling. The spool itself is large arbour in its construction, ensuring it can pull in a huge amount of line with ease after a long distance cast. This also allows you to load up with as much line as you need to hit out to all those key points on the water, ensuring that you’re never restricted with the areas you want to target whilst you’re fly fishing.

The Greys GTS500 operates on a dual Rulon disc drag system. This allows you to have incredible control over each cast and take, resulting in more landed fish and less disappointing sessions. Rulon is one of the most popular drag disc systems available and when you look at its unique properties you won’t be at all surprised why this is the case. Rulon is both incredibly durable and also fantastically heat resistant. When you engage drag on a reel, you create a friction build up which slows and controls the rotation of the reel. This creates a huge amount of heat build up in the reel, so it is vital the drag discs are able to support this. These Rulon drag discs are perfect for this as they can handle huge amounts of heat without distorting, as well as large friction build up without degrading.

The reel also offers a tool-less left to right conversion, which is ideal for the angler who enjoys the flexibility of ambidextrous angling, as well as the angler who is fed up with having to rely on their least dominant hand. Supplied in its own neoprene case, for full protection in storage and transit, the Greys GTS500 is available in either 5/6/7# or 7/8/9# sizes – offering options for all the types of fish you could tackle on the UK’s waters and ensuring it is the ideal fly reel for the vast majority of fly fishing scenarios. If you’re looking a versatile and high performance fly reel which allows you to target a range of species and venues with confidence then you need look no further, this Greys GTS500 is the perfect choice for you.


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