Greys GTS600 Fly Reel

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Key Features

  • Manufactured using ultra-lightweight 6061 aluminium alloy
  • Offers unrivalled value for money
  • Features a Rulon disc drag system
  • Easy left to right hand wind conversion
  • Quick spool release
  • Supplied in a neoprene pouch
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1436349 Size: 4/5/6, Capacity: WF6 + 52m
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1436350 Size: 6/7/8, Capacity: WF8 + 85m
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Greys GTS600 Fly Reel

Constructed using ultra-lightweight 6061 aluminium alloy, the Greys GTS600 Fly Reel is the next-level version of the GTS300. Amazingly, Greys are able to produce this hi-tech fly fishing reel for a price that can only encourage anglers to have a go at this skilful discipline.

The aluminium alloy material used gives this reel the lightness and strength required for strong and accurate casting with a correspondingly smooth line retrieval. Bringing the line back onto the spool is made more efficient by the inclusion of a wide diameter arbor, which gives you more retrieval on each turn of the crank and less risk tangled line due to the larger loops that are formed as the line goes out.

The GTS600’s complex drag system uses Rulon discs, a material related to Teflon which is smooth yet hard-wearing against the kind of line volume that larger fish species tend to pull out in a fight. Because the arbor is larger than in traditional reel designs, the drag system is even more efficient because there is a smaller variation in spool diameter from full to empty. The drag system is therefore required to perform similar amounts of work regardless of the amount of line which is held.

This good-looking reel, with a mixture of bare metal and black components, is easily switched from left- to right-handed operation and comes with a quick-release spool for swift line changes under pressure. It comes supplied with a protective neoprene pouch, too. Two versions are available: the first is suitable for #4, #5, and #6 weighted rods and is rated for tapered #6 line with 52m of backing; the larger version is suited to #6, #7, and #8 rods with tapered #8 line plus up to 85m of backing.

Fly fishing is a discipline which many people associate with premium prices but the GTS600 Fly Reel by Greys is yet more proof that Greys are dedicated to making this artful sport as accessible as possible with the minimum of compromise. Why not consider matching it with a new Greys rod or some impact-resistant eye protection?

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