Greys Uptide Cod 4/0 Pennel Rig

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Key Features

  • Hand Tied
  • Top quality components
  • Suitable for all anglers
  • Can be used across the disciplines
  • Manufactured with uptide cod fishing in mind

Greys Uptide Cod 4/0 Pennel Rig Hook

Greys Uptide Cod 4/0 Pennel Rig is part of a huge range of pre-tied boat rigs from Greys. Designed by Greys very own Tony Anderson, this rig allows all anglers the chance to fish with a top quality rig. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced angler, or whether your preference is in the match discipline, sea fishing, or simply general fishing, this is the perfect rig for you. This Greys Uptide Cod 4/0 Pennel Rig is part of the company’s range of sea fishing rigs and it is an excellent terminal tackle solution for the sea fishing angler. Although this rig is labelled as a cod tool, this is a perfect rig to target whiting, bass, and rays, too, making it an ideal all-round sea fishing tool.

Pre-tied rigs are an ideal addition to any anglers fishing armoury and it is always suggested that you have one or two on hand. Whether you’re confident in your own rig tying ability but want to save yourself a little time on the bank or you’re a little nervous about your own rig tying and you don’t want to be let down when it really counts, a pre-tied rig is an excellent tool to have to hand. All Grey’s rigs are hand tied, too, so you can be certain that they will never have any manufacturing flaws.

Pennel refers to the positioning of the hooks on the rig. Specifically, it refers to a two hook formation – with a smaller hook positioned above a larger hook, which is on the bottom of the rig. The benefits for this rig set up are threefold. Firstly, it gives you the option of catching smaller fish with the upper, smaller hook. Secondly, it gives you a second chance to catch a fish that might have avoided the larger, bottom hook. Finally, it also presents the possibility of hooking a large fish with both hooks, which in turn should avoid the fish coming free from the hook. This is why the pennel rig is often favoured for those anglers who enjoy fishing uptide.

As with all the rigs in Greys Boat Rigs series, this rig has been hand tied to ensure the utmost quality. Manufactured to Greys tough standards, only the best materials have been used in the production process. Greys has benefited from a sterling reputation ever since the brand first began fly fishing production in 1968. The brand is one of the best respected in the county and it is famous for its exacting quality. The brand continues to target the mid-market, in terms of its tackle production, and it manufactures tackle that offers outstanding value for money. In this way, it appeals to a huge range of anglers, from those with a smaller budget to those who want a high quality product without breaking the bank. The current product portfolio includes tackle items for carp fishing, coarse fishing, predator fishing, and, of course, sea fishing. The brand also continues to manufacture high quality fly fishing products, too. Almost 50 years of tackle manufacturing experience has gone into the production of this Uptide Cod 4/0 Pennel Rig Hook, and it truly is a worthy addition to Greys portfolio.

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