Hardy Ultralite CA DD Reel

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Key Features

  • Ultra-smooth performance
  • Ultra-fast pickup
  • Ultralite by design
  • Available in two versions
  • Black or Titanium
  • Bar stock 6061
  • Two tone anodising
  • 360-degree colour coded drag
  • Captive spool release
  • Ultra large arbor
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1371050 Size: 5000, Colour: Black
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Hardy Ultralite CADD Reel

House of Hardy is a brand that understands the pleasure of fly fishing like no other. The Ultralite CA DD has been built to enhance every aspect of fly fishing, from the scream of surrendering line to your catch to the ability to pick that line back up and stay in full contact with your fish. If you’re looking for a fly reel that can do it all and then some then you need look no further than the Hardy Ultralite CA DD.

Designed with an ultra large conical arbour, one of this reel’s greatest strengths is the area where most other fly reels are a let down: the pick up. This reel can pick up line at an incredible rate, allowing you to stay in contact when you fish makes a sudden turn for your rod. The large conical arbour also allows you to significantly reduce drag gain on the longest of runs, helping you gain inches of advantage over the fastest of fish. The drag system on the Hardy Ultralite CA DD operates throughout 360 degrees and is colour coded for ease of use. This drag system delivers consistent drag pressure and allows you to stay ahead of the twisting movements of the fastest and hardest fighting fish.

The Hardy Ultralite CA DD is manufactured with 6061 bar stock aluminium. This means that this reel is lightweight and rigid – perfect for a long session where you need the lightness to cast flies with precision accuracy and the rigidity for when you’re up against an aggressive take. The reel is fitted with a captive spool release, allowing you to change spools with ease, and is available in with either a black or a titanium finish, allowing you to match your reel with your rod for a dream complementary setup.

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