Korda Pop-Up Maize

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Key Features

  • Slightly larger &more buoyant than the Pop-up Corn
  • Ideal for use as standalone hook baits
  • Can be used to tip off boilie hook baits
  • Supplied with matching hair stops
  • Available in four flavours
  • Ten pieces of maize per pack
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KPB12 Flavour: Fruity Squid
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KPB22 Flavour: Banoffee
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KPB32 Flavour: IB Maize
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KPB42 Flavour: Citrus Zing-Orange
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KPB02 Flavour: Citrus Zing
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The Korda Pop-Up Maize comes from the very popular Fake Food range. Artificial baits are offering anglers a hookbait that can be used time and time again with still the same great colouring, shape, strength and scent!

The pop-up maize is slightly larger and therefore more buoyant than the Pop-up Corn, and is available in the same devastating flavour combinations as the corn, which are Banoffee (white), Citrus Zing (green), Fruity Squid (pink) and the ever-popular I.B(yellow). 

Korda's Danny Fairbrass commented: "I have put a great deal of time and effort into formulating a bespoke range of plastic hook baits to cover almost any angling situation, Worldwide. Our baits are different from anything else currently on the market because they contain our favourite flavour/attractor combinations, arrived at after years of making our own pop-ups, actually moulded into the plastic."

This plastic maize is the perfect size for standalone hook baits, but can be used to tip off boilie hook baits too. There are ten pieces of maize per pack and they come supplied with matching hair stops.

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