Team Korda Hand Towel

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  • Manufactured from microfibreTeam Korda logoDimensions: 59cm x 44cm

Team Korda Hand Towel 

Are you fed up of having to wipe your hands on your trousers during long sessions down at the bank? Are you tired of rinsing bait stains and fish mucus out of the kangaroo pocket of your angling hoody? Don’t worry, those days are long gone, as Korda has the solution for you! The Korda Hand Towel has been designed with carp fishing in mind but it is suitable for anglers across the disciplines. Whether you’re submerging your hands to release your capture or you’re simply hand-crafting your rig with a ball of homemade groundbait, the Korda Hand Towel ensures that you can clean and dry your hands afterwards.

Manufactured from ultra-absorbent microfibers, the Korda Hand Towel is lightweight and easy to transport to and from the bank. At 59cm x 44cm it is the perfect size to take with you to bank and its easy-roll design means that you’ll always be able to fit it in your tackle bag. No matter how much gear you’re taking down to the bank there is never an excuse to leave your Hand Towel at home. Perfect for the Korda fanatic, this carpy towel features the classic green Korda logo.

How many times have you gone to make up a PVA bag only to have it dissolve in your hands? With the Korda Hand Towel this never has to be a problem again. Simply dry your hands on the towel before you start to make up your PVA bag and you’ll ensure perfectly formed bags every time. Not only this, but for the overnight angler a decent towel is an essential. Perfect for drying your hands before food prep, the Korda Hand Towel is made from delicate microfibre to ensure it is quick drying, so you’re not simply wiping your wet hands with a damp towel.

In the cold winter months, being able to dry your hands after submerging them in icy-cold venue water is essential. Not only does this reduce the risk of your fingers numbing – making rig construction and rod grip impossible – but it also ensures that your hands aren’t getting unnecessarily cold. After all, water is highly conductive and it will leach any warmth from the surface of your skin. Combine this with a bitterly cold wind and you could be in for an uncomfortable session. Luckily, with the Korda Hand Towel, you can dry off quickly to preserve body heat in even the most inclement conditions.

Korda is a name that is synonymous with angling royalty. Founded by Danny Fairbrass, Korda is a carp fishing specialist, producing innovative and unique products for anglers’ of all abilities in the carp discipline. Built on an ethos of practicality, and surely nothing is more practical than an angling Hand Towel, Korda is proud of its reputation for producing quality products that serve a very real purpose on the bank.

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