Korda Zig Bundle

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Key Features

  • 1 x Korda Caramel Cloud Goo
  • 1 x Korda Korda Zig Magnet
  • 1 x Korda Ready Zig - 8ft Size 10 Barbed
  • 1 x Korda Ready Zig - 10ft Size 10 Barbless
  • 1 x Korda Ready Zig - 12ft Size 10 Barbless

Korda Zig Bundle

If you want to try zig fishing without the hassle of tying your own zig rigs from scratch, but want to be sure you’re using some of the best gear available, the Korda Zig Bundle, from leading carp fishing terminal tackle developer and manufacturer Korda, is for you.

A zig rig is the rig to use when fish are spending a lot of time mid-water and near the surface, as it presents bait mid-water, which makes it great for carp fishing, as this is where carp spend a lot of their time, especially in spring and summer. They use a long trace - the length of line between the hook and the next component - and a popup bait.

The Korda Zig Bundle comes with three Korda Ready Zigs, so you can present ultra-bouyant bait mid-water without having to make your own zig rigs, Korda Caramel Goo, a soak and glug which is loved by carp due to its sweetness and dries well on hookbait, and a Korda Zig Magnet, which is a magnetic plate that holds your hook on a bankstick until you’re ready to cast, so you don’t have to worry about tangles, even on longer zig rigs.

If you’re looking to try a method of fishing that can be lethal in the right circumstances without having to go to trouble of learning to tie the rig for it first, the Korda Zig Bundle is a no brainer.

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