Korum Carp Rods

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Key Features

  • K-Flex Carbon Technology for a stunning parabolic action
  • Slim diameter blanks with matt black finish
  • Optimum grip levels from Japanese shrink tube handle
  • Rugged nylon reel seat with metal hoods
  • Super light guides for the perfect playing action
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KCROD/06 Length: 10ft, Test Curve: 2.5lb
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KCROD/09 Length: 12ft, Test Curve: 3lb
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KCROD/07 Length: 12ft, Test Curve: 2.5lb
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KCROD/10 Length: 13ft, Test Curve: 3.5lb
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KCROD/08 Length: 12ft, Test Curve: 2.75lb
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If you like to see a carp rod arching under the weight of a fish that’s putting up a good fight, and being played in smoothly, then these carp rods from Korum are the perfect addition to your carp fishing collection.

K-Flex carbon technology allows for a more supple, reactive blank, giving a parabolic action that looks the part on any venue, and packs plenty of power, giving you the confidence to try for those big fish, and the reliable, high-performance strength to bring them safely to the bank.  Available at 10ft and 12ft, with test curves to suit your angling style, these matte black carp rods are perfect for all your general commercial fishing. If you want to try for some marginal gains, and experience the unique possibilities of close-quarter fishing, then the 10ft rod would be the best option, while the 12ft rod opens up a commercial, allowing you to make the most of everything that’s out there.  The sleek, slender blanks have a high power to diameter ratio, whose strength and energy is channelled through the superior grip of the Japanese shrink tube handle, and the rugged nylon reel seat, which features metal hoods for enhanced durability, giving you a long-lasting rod that will keep performing season after season.

The Korum Carp Rods handle well, especially if you like a bit of curve in your rod action, and offer an easy, affordable way for anglers of all backgrounds and levels of experience to make the most of commercial carp venues.

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